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Last Thursday’s lunching session was definitely one of the best lunches I’ve had in quite some time. For a team meal out we decided to head out to Zucco’s, in Meanwood, as we’d previously heard great things about the contemporary Italian restaurant. Zucco has a set menu, however their dishes can change depending on the availability on some ingredients and most probably what is in season.

The whole team had an amazing time, as we were well and truly looked after, with delicious food and every single plate was licked clean- in particular mine.

The starter

I opted for a goats cheese and pepper crostini which was a light and delicious snack to start off with. The goats cheese was super tasty and went so well with the sweet peppers and sun dried tomato which sat on top of a crisp slice of bread.


The main

I love duck and I love balsamic, so if I see any dish which combines the two in one, how can I not opt for that? Therefore my main was a balsamic roasted duck leg, and it completely blew me away. When it comes to duck, I can be quite fussy as I’d like tender meat with crispy skin, and absolutely no wobbly bits and bobs. Just soft and crunchy, and it’s what I got at Zucco and it was amazing.

To be fair, by the time the main was being tucked into, we were all pretty much silent and only paid attention to the food on our plates. When the attention from your company is preoccupied by the food, you know the chef has done their job perfectly.


The side

The deep fried zucchini (courgette) and mint came out as the side to my duck. Although they were deep fried, the whole nibble was light and fluffy, and really didn’t taste or feel greasy. Again these had a slight crispiness to them and were very addictive. Everyone couldn’t get enough of them and were so fascinated by their taste. The hints of mint came through every so often and really was the perfect combo alongside the rich glazed duck.


The drink

Shout out to the ginger beer!


The dessert

Now this is a cracking combination- almond polenta cake with mascarpone and garnished with a sliced grape and a mint leaf. The slice of cake was quite thick and with it being a traditional dry cake, the mascarpone tied the whole thing together perfectly. The grape made it refreshing and complimented the sweetness of the almond, and the mascarpone was just epic.


If you’re looking to treat yourself to a lovely lunch in Leeds, I can highly recommend Zucco and encourage you to opt in for several smaller sharing dishes so that you can try a bit of everything. If sharing is not your thing, I’d reconsider, as their food is that great, you automatically find yourself eyeing up the dish next to you, eagerly waiting to try with your fork sitting ready in your hand.

Have you ever been to Zucco’s before and what was your favourite dish?

Charlotte xxx

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