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Has anyone else become a bit of a lazy shopper? I know what I want from where I want it. And sometimes when I fancy an aimless browse, I often head over to my usual online stores for a little gander. And that gander turns into a little shopping spree after all. 

Also hi from me, Nathan and Muffy by the way! Love a cute little family mirror selfie (Flo unfortunately excluded, too heavy to lift!)

To live life on the wild side though, I’m a sucker for a recommendation. To shake things up and take a teeny risk every now and then. I personally find it refreshing.

A good recommendation that makes you bookmark, save, screenshot, whatever method you need to remember what it is and maybe give it a twirl.

For me, I get sucked into recommendations for restaurants, walks and more recently, clothing. Maybe it’s the fun of the unknown or just the enjoyment out of a decent recommendation, that eventually becomes a firm favourite.

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a hidden gem?

Well, well, well… dear ladies, you’re in for a little treat with my latest intel. If you like sport, or just wearing sportswear, or feeling comfy and kinda slinky at the same time, then come a little closer and listen in. 

Now I must say, my intel comes with a caveat. It comes off the back of a collaboration, but please do not let this deter you from reading on, or giving this brand a little nosey.

Ready? Nice… 

So, Yvette, that’s the name you really should remember. Built around confidence, comfort and characteristic, Yvette, is the professional women’s sportswear brand that I am obsessing over.

With quality and style in mind (and their designs) it’s pretty clear to see that their ethos of making women feel amazing, supported, and absolutely divine flows through their product range.

It’s the full 12 points from me (Eurovision reference FYI!) for their leggings. From their choice of material to stitching, to shaping, sculpting, sizing and colours, their products are a match made in heaven.

What I adore about their online collection is the categorisation provided to help you find the perfect product match. 

Each item is assigned to an ideal sport, and more importantly, clear and instantly visible icons indicating the level of support the product provides. I think this is such a winning feature that I found extremely useful. 

As leggings are my usual go-to for bottoms, I fancied trying a variety from that, but their collections span from shorts, sports bras, tops and accessories. 

Across all the leggings, I chose an XS, which is their smallest size. As a typical UK6 size, I felt their sizing was very true to their word. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right. 

And in terms of sizing, Yvette seems very encompassing with sports bras sizes going up to a 48DDD, tops to a 2XL and leggings to a 5XL.

As someone who is an active runner (and also loves just lounging in sportswear), the quintessential perfect product has the balance of being lightweight and supportive, with the extra benefit of looking cute too.

Their Sculpt High-Waisted Running Leggings are a dream. With strong support, they have a high waistband with a soft fit that adds no pressure to the stomach and an inserted drawcord. The mesh panels and air holes provide the refreshing circulation needed for those sweaty endurance runs and reflective strips for safety. A classic pair of 3/4 running leggings that you can barely feel. Smooth, slinky and super sporty. They are on the pricier side of £86, but the quality is undeniable.

Their Echo High-Waisted Pocket Running Leggings provide full-length coverage. Made from a slightly thicker material, it’s a different feel to the previous pair but is equally as exquisite in its own right. The material is silky soft, has a four-way stretch, and has a seamless cut that is very trendy.

Also to note here are the colour choices, which are very beautiful with olive, green and black to pick from. These are also part of their sustainable range made from 75% high-performance recycled fabric and only £38. 

Now the only thing extra to mention here is the pocket. Always useful for when out and about with the ease of protecting your keys, cards or money. Whilst I can add my phone into the pocket (I have an iPhone 11 Pro) it does not fully insert and I wouldn’t run with it in there.

I would however happily walk with my phone in the leggings pocket though.

On the opposite end of the support spectrum is the Anywhere Soft Mesh Yoga Leggings, priced at £48. These are part of their ‘light support’ range, and as the name tells, perfect for yoga.

I was instantly drawn to their colours of pink and purple. Very soft pastel shades that looked adorable. Similar to the other two pairs of leggings, this one was also soft and slinky, but definitely the softest.

From the feel and wear, I can only describe them as an extra layer of skin, very humbling and cosy. I’m super impressed by the texture and fit.

For a more relaxed and casual look, I found the Sculpt Cargo Pocket Running Pants (£56) a perfect option for the everyday look or the pants to wear to warm up in.

With traditional cargo pockets, they’re a tailored fit with a baggy style, an epic look with cool trainers, cosy fleece and bodywarmer. From a quality perspective, Yvette has truly mastered a collection of practical and beautiful sports leggings that enhance and make you feel goddess-like.

When it comes to recommendations, I’m relatively reserved and careful, and only go in all guns blazing if I truly feel it’s worth the time and investment. 

You have my word, Yvette is a sportswear brand you really need to get on board with. They are currently offering 5% off all orders, or you can use code corner at checkout to get 10% off any orders over £55 plus free delivery.

Go on, be active, be daring, be inspired.

Charlotte xox

PS. I was kindly invited by Yvette to review some of their products as part of a gifted collaboration. My thoughts and review are completely honest and my own opinion.
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