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We absolutely love being outdoors. Whether it’s going out for a walk, paddling around in the kayak or trips out on the bike, our spare time is spent outdoors regardless the weather.

Come wind, rain or shine, Yorkshire is one of the best places to enjoy the outdoors – and yes, I am being biased because I love Yorkshire – as its natural beauty has always been appreciated and encompassed by its people.

Since day Yorkshire, it’s been the birthplace of many exciting developments from aviation advancements, tech innovations, famous confectionery’s, cheese and teas, and fashion brands alike.

So, it’s proof in the history that Yorkshire inspires, creates and innovates.Having teamed up with Rydale – a Yorkshire clothing company who was also inspired by its surroundings 65 years ago – a recent weekend was well spent, where the outdoors played a pivotal part of our adventures.

With Rydale specialising their clothes for the country and outdoor pursuit, it’s also a true and true British brand with their manufacturing taking place here in the UK, and their designs being weather and durability-tested in the Yorkshire Moors as well as in surrounding pubs. After all, you need the right kind of balance, right?  With tickets to a Luna open-air cinema experience, our night time viewing of Bohemian Rhapsody was expected to be a little chilly. Although our recent bank holiday weekend was a scorcher, the weekends before that, the evenings had a right old chill to them.

Not that I mind a cold evening, but when sat still, you need the right clothing to keep you cosy and warm. Prepared for the coolness, I was dressing for an autumn night.For the basics, I went with black leggings, and a white turtle-neck wool jumper and decorative tassels, and underneath a long-sleeve tee to keep out the breeze. Deliberately picking items that were stretchy and comfy, the main aim was to feel cushty and be able to lounge in our cinema director chairs.

For my outerwear, I was channelling my ultimate countryside look. My tweed belted jacket was exactly what I needed for that final layer to keep out Yorkshire’s finest night air.

The thickness of the jacket was perfect, the thick inner padding to keep me warm with a feminine pattern and style. The centre belt accentuated the shape of the jacket and body, whilst the buttoned pockets added to the traditional country style vibes.  Inside, the purple lining was soft to the touch, a chic and luxurious colour, with the plum theme continuing along the outside through the checked pattern.

These combinations of green and plum makes for the perfect colours on the lead up to autumn, right through until spring. A classic design that works well with many outfit styles.

As for the footwear, I chose to wear my Kirkby leather Chelsea boots. A soft sole boot, extremely comfy to walk on, with a stylish metallic back which is a nice twist to the usual Chelsea boot.

Until the shoes have been worn in, I would hugely recommend socks that can reach the neck of the boot, as whilst the material of the shoe is flexible, it can be prone to rubbing on the skin at first.Again, I can foresee these shoes being a great match for many outfits throughout the year.

Our screening ran up until 11 at night, and whilst the breeze was out in full force and we snuggled in blankets under the night’s sky, it was only the last 15 minutes the chill took its toll.

But what more could one want – a special evening out with my Nathy, enjoying a movie about the ultimate legends, in the outdoors, snuggling and feeling as Yorkshire as can be.

A beautiful Saturday night.As for Sunday, well the weather continued to stay good for us, still the occasional breeze. Having decided to meet up with some lovely ladies for coffee and doughnuts, a stroll along the canal prior to the meet up was in order.

Just in case of any temperamental weather changes, the brolly came out on the walk too, because a proper Yorkshire summer may include a few showers here and there. Again, rocking my tweed jacket and Chelsea boots, I explored a different outfit to complement.

Swapping the leggings for some boy-cut denims, a casual style for a sunny Sunday walk, I paired my jeans with a patterned blouse and black fluffy three-quarter jumper.And we were in luck. The forecast remained sunny for the rest of the day, so it’ll be a rain check to officially test the matching umbrella to my tweed jacket. As much as I’d rather have the sun, I’m quite looking forward to stomping in the rain all coordinated wearing Yorkshire’s finest country gear.

Yorkshire greetings, with rain and shine. 

Charlotte xox

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