A Walk Around Yeadon Tarn


I have a love/hate relationship with my weekends. If it’s one where I’m cooped up inside, I feel like it’s what could have been two  really awesome days wasted, which therefore makes any other kind of weekend a perfect one.

It doesn’t take much for me to have a lovely weekend, I quite enjoy heading out for a coffee, doing a bit of people-watching, or a bit of window shopping, or even heading out to somewhere nearby where you’ve never been before. 

With working full time, my weekends are mega precious, and as a child, every weekend was spent doing something, often quality days out like hiking in the woods, canoeing, biking or heading out for ice-cream after a family adventure.  I mean, me and ice-cream, we go way back, the next two photos are at least 20 years old. 
252189_10150198002804165_4843340_nAlthough we’ve lived in Leeds for quite some time, and considering how many areas there are in Leeds, we’ve really kept our Yorkshire adventures quite reigned in- so we decided to visit the Yeadon Tarn. 214Although the tarn itself wasn’t that big, it was a lovely little walk, on a sunny but nippy day, and it seemed almost as if everyone had the same idea. There were people walking their dogs, others teaching their children to ride a bike and adorable elderly couples feeding the ducks. Yeadon Tarn also has a boat hire, which we sadly missed, and a great set of sails on the side from their Sailing Club which had a race on as we were leaving. 67We had read how this location is also perfect for plane spotting, and as we arrived, we were genuinely surprised how close the airport was and how near the aeroplanes were too. We spent a good hour walking around, being nosey and checking out the frog swamp (thankfully did not encounter any frogs!) and enjoying just how pretty things are in the autumn.

Although I’m more of a summer than a winter person, I really love the crispness in the air when it begins to get cold, and especially after a walk – long or short – how refreshed and energised you feel, and excited to get home for a good cup of tea. 

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