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If there’s anything we all deserve, especially after the year we’ve had, it’s to WUKA… wake up feeling kick-ass, right? Waking up feeling good, happy, refreshed, content – regardless of who you are, where you are, what year it is (especially now – yes Covid, I’m pointing at you), let alone when it’s THAT time of the month, we truly bloody deserve it.

When I’ve been on my period, I’ve been fortunate to have come away lightly in the sense of aches and pains, and rarely may turn to any painkillers. The same goes for bloating really, and any side effects of bloating have come from too many crips consumed as I’ve refused to share any of the sharing bags I so desperately needed.

What has been a slight problem has been the irregularities for the start, duration and end of any period. With being on the implant for years now, I know how sporadic it can be with each period coming and going as it pleases, making cycle tracking feel quite pointless, only really knowing based on the usual key signs that you can just tell with.

So introducing WUKA, underwear made for periods, created for us and the planet by being vegan, ethical and sustainable. Made and designed here in the UK, WUKA has a marvellous range of period wear to suit pretty much all of our needs with three flow ranges with different styles to suit our preference and an active range that I am totally living for.

As someone who loves being active, I exercise regularly on my period, and my go-to would always be to wear a tampon when doing so. As part of the new collection with WUKA, their Perform range includes seamless midi briefs designed and tailored to be worn when active, that are leak-proof, soft and silky, absorbent and breathable.

Switching to period pants was definitely interesting for several reasons. My first thought was ‘How bad will this VPL be’ because even when companies say seamless, I am a little dubious. Having tested the pants with my ultra-thin running leggings, I was completely surprised. Not only could I not see the outline of the pants, but the gusset also did not feel bulky or chunky and was very comfortable to move in.

And post-run, I was expecting myself to have felt sweatier from wearing the knickers, or potentially needing to pull at the pants, but no, nothing. I felt just the way I would on a day where I’d exercise using a tampon or period-free, and overall felt really content and supported.

What I also really enjoy about the seamless pants are just how simple and quick they are to wash and dry. Whilst they’re machine-washable, I’ve also given them a hand wash, with a good squeeze and set to dry so that I could give them another wear the next day.

I’ve found myself enjoying these so much, I’ve even worn them on days where I haven’t been on my period and even as lightweight nightwear for a bit of coverage. And although my periods are can be sporadic, where I really feel the pants will help are on the days where I suspect or could be due on, to wear as a safeguard instead of the unexpected or being wasteful with pads or liners.

Ashamedly, it’s also taken me quite a while to truly grasp the impact of periods in terms of waste and cost too. From the one-time use of tampons and pads to their packaging and ultimately where they eventually end up at either a landfill or the ocean.

Each pair of WUKA period pants prevents the pollution of 200 disposable pads and tampons, which I find pretty impressive, and as part of their eco-friendly approach, all the materials as sourced sustainably with organic cotton to econyl made from ocean waste plastic.

You can wake up feeling kick ass for a small fraction of a cost, with WUKA starting their range from £12 for a single pair with various bundles available, including cute bralettes and gift sets. With WUKA it’s more than just period pants, it’s a movement. A movement of body positivity, sustainability, equality, fairness. It’s about feeling good and doing good.

I’m also rather pleased to have stepped into the circle on my own journey to a more sustainable and friendly period. It’s been a little wakeup call that’s for sure and to sign off, take a read about WUKA’s mission to stop the period pant tax.

Lots of love and stay kick-ass!

Charlotte xox

PS. I was gifted my pair of WUKA pants in return for an honest review.

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