9 things I absolutely love about blogging


I’ve been blogging for more than a year now, and it’s really been a refreshing way of writing, being creative with photography and having an absolute blast adventuring out to review different things and try out new products. 

Why blogging is marvellous

1. It gets you out the house: whether that’s being invited out to an event, posing with some goodies you’ve received or quite simply testing out the new camera accessories you’ve bought. Blogging has had me out and about often on night where I’d usually happily chill on the couch.

One of my favourite events from last year was Bonprix’s cocktail party #BonprixOnTheRocks. Here, not only did we get a gorgeous dress to wear and keep from their latest connection, but we were also lucky to have received a private invite to a masterclass session in Malmaison.


2. Meeting people: the first few events I ever went to were mega daunting. Being the new one is terrifying, and to then network and introduce yourself made me feel so queasy at first. But on you get with it, and the more you go to these events, the easier it becomes plus the more people recognise your face. It’s scary, yes, but through blogging I’ve met some super lovely people who I always look forward to seeing at the next event.

The four cocktail bandits who I can’t wait to catch up with at the next event: Fran from A Style Creative, Leanne from The Dress Diaries, then me, and Nat from The Tofu Diaries.


3. Unexpected opportunities: every day, after work, I’m so excited to check into my emails and see who’s emailed. From a menu launch, to a new shoe collection, a kitty hamper, or a cocktail masterclass session, the opportunities offered are so exciting. Some of which are right up my street, to others being so unusual or different that I just need to give it a go.

4. Trying different things: leading on from the last point, often I’ll get an email about a product or an activity that I’d never have considered, or even heard of in fact. And that’s exciting. Pushes you out of your comfort zone just a tad, and that’s something that’s good for everyone. Push past your horizon.

5. Enjoying time with friends: ah there isn’t anything nicer when you can share your hobbies with your friends. I love blogging and I love eating, and often when it comes to food or drink events a plus one is granted. And you know what that means, it’s double trouble, and you can enjoy the night doing the things you love with the ones you love to have the company of.

6. The preparation: I super enjoy thinking about what kind of story I’d like to create when writing about a product or certain topic, making sure it’s something that flows naturally with the blog but also what you guys would enjoy reading too. Bloggers are story-tellers. And then there’s the other preparation- the big ole’ exciting events, launches and get-together’s where it’s crunch time to decide on what you’d like to wear, how the makeup should sit and fuss over your hair. 

Oh and how cute is the Bonprix dress by the way? I love black, I love lace, so it was a no brainer. The dress was an absolute perfect fit, and the stretchy material made sure the dress sat in all the right places. All I had to do was get the dress tailored, have 15cm taken off from the bottom and then I felt like a princess. 

DSC_1645 DSC_1659

7. Learning new skills: For my photos, I use a Nikon D3100, it’s a great camera and I absolutely love working with it. By Jove, though, these awesome DSLR’s have so many great options that I’m still getting my head around now, and I’m constantly learning new tricks and getting to know my camera more. For Christmas, Nathan bought me a 300mm lens meaning close-up shots and more exciting tricks to figure out.

8. Social media is fun: Even before blogging I was on pretty much all the social media channels, but felt as though they were more private channels for me to document pretty pictures and experience. I still posted and shared photos on Twitter and Instagram but never felt like I had a purpose. With blogging, I have all the purpose in the world. Not only is it fun for me to track these memories, I get to share them with you too and see what other bloggers have to say. Both sharing my own, and taking up other bloggers advice around makeup, home décor tips, fashion inspiration, foodie reviews – it’s such a fab way to really get honest opinions and advice.

9. Me time: Blogging is very sociable, but when it comes to the planning and writing, it’s just time for me to gather my thoughts and enjoy a few quiet hours with several coffees to put into words my thoughts and feelings. Cuthbert will come along every so often, walk on the keyboard and just snuggle into my lap to make sure he’s in the picture too.

And what about you? What makes you love blogging so much? I’d love to know so please so leave a comment below 🙂

Charlotte xox 

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