Welcome home Flo – life with our Leonberger puppy


How time has flown! Three weeks ago I started drafting this post, where it had only been 14 days of having our little Flo, our Leonberger puppy join the family. Instead, it’s now been five weeks as of today, and my, what a development our little Leonberger has done within that time too. 

With so many precious memories made, new experiences and ventures out, I’m excited to share with you all hopefully some insight into our life and journey. There’s still a lot of human learning to be done, puppy training to continue with, probably frustrations along the way, the occasional accident, but one thing that is guaranteed, is that there will be a whole lot of love. 

Throughout the last seven years, we have been so excited for this very day when we would welcome home our own puppy, our own little floofer. That many years ago, was when we knew that the Leonberger breed was for us, having come across some at a service station. Ever since, we were mesmerized by their beauty, their regalness, friendly nature and all-round enormity, and all that we were waiting for was the perfect time and place. Fast forward to November 2019, that’s when our little Flo was born. We had been on a waiting for eight months prior, and even before that did a lot of research and scoping out to chose our specific breeders based on their experience and accolades. The Leonberger breed is a giant-breed dog, where it’s common for them to have a shorter life expectancy than smaller dogs and also more issues with their health and joints.

Especially when considering this, it was really important for us to have trust in the breeders that they have the knowledge and experience of breeding the ideal Leonbergers together to allow a healthy litter. 

So here we are, Flo is now 13 weeks old, a loving, funny and cheeky bundle of floof. In the next few blog posts, my plan is to share with you our little life stories from the first night at home with a puppy, to all the worries and questions I had, to prepping the home, introductions to other pets, and training tips we’ve found useful. 

In the meantime, if there’s any questions you have about little Flo, feel free to ask away, and also, feel free to join our journey on Instragram by following our account or just tuning into our hashtag #CuthbertAndFlo

With lots of love and woofs,

Charlotte xox

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    Congratulations on your newest family member! It’s a fun and exciting time, isn’t it? I know that I look back on when we brought each of ours home with a smile on my face – the start of something great in our lives!

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