How to virtually (and social distance) boozy brunch


If one of your favourite weekend activities included sitting with your closest friends, with a meal cooked for you and unlimited, flowing prosecco and more, join the club. I absolutely loved and looked forward to the day we all found a date we could keep free and pencil in a day of hanging out with your favourite people, laugh and put the world to right over a nice plate of food and possibly a glass too many of prosecco.

Whilst heading out into town to have a boozy brunch may not quite be possible now, organising and attending your own virtual boozy brunch is absolutely feasible and can be just as fun.

And even if it’s not exactly the same, it most certainly makes do and gives back a sense of some normality with the same amount of giggles and bubbles.Getting ready for a virtual boozy brunch

What do you need to attend a virtual boozy brunch?

Having a virtual bottomless brunch with your friends is very simple to organise, all that is needed is a handful of considerations and preparations and then you can be on your way.


A boozy brunch is not quite a boozy brunch without the booze, right? Be sure to stock up on whatever you enjoy to drink, whether it is prosecco, beers, cocktails, or spirits. The key is not to run out, as you don’t want to be an hour into your call and realise that for the next new hours your glass may stay empty.


Key to a successful boozy brunch, outside of the booze, is being able to connect with your friends. Whether you dial in to virtually meet up via your phone or laptop, be sure to have a good internet connection. Also, charge your device beforehand and make sure it has the juice it needs for hours of chatting, or at least make sure you have a power supply very close by.  Preparing for a virtual bottomless brunch


So, you have a great internet connection and enough juice to keep the call going, but what you really need to know is how you’re all virtually meeting and at what time. Whether you use Zoom, Teams, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on, have one-person sort of the logistics or sending around links or being the person to kickstart the session. Agree on a time that works for most – the best part about meeting up virtually is that friends can join later or drop off and re-join at a later point.


 As simple as staying hydrated. Drinking at home, where you yourself are you own waiter, it’s very easy to top up that glass all too often, and after a few glasses, the drink appears to become emptier a lot quicker. Pace yourself and keep on top of your water too.


Looking to add a little extra pizazz to your tipple? Why not? Cut, slice, and dice yourself whatever drink garnishes your heart desires. If you are looking for ideas, there are some traditional ones such as cucumber, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and oranges. If you’re looking for something a little different, you could try lavender, candied fruits, glacier cherries or a dash of syrup.   

If there’s nothing fresh in the house, have a search in your cupboards, you may very likely have a can of tinned fruit that can complement your fizz.Food and drink basket for a boozy brunch


To be able to endure the hours of fun ahead, have a bite to eat before you pop that cork and say cheers to your pals. Even though you’re only at home, drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea.

For the call, just like you would at a bottomless brunch, have food prepped ready to tuck into. It might be a nice occasion to prepare yourself a tapas / finger food style picnic with various bite-sized treats to enjoy.

Some simple ideas for this could include quiches, loaded nachos, chicken strips, cheese board, spring rolls, pasta salad, baguette, and dips.


With this nice weather providing us all with our vitamin D, an outdoor virtual boozy brunch may very well be on the cards. With the sun, it can cause glare on your screen, or a lot of squinting, so that might be one to consider or worth getting the sunglasses out for. And with the likes of possible sounds coming from neighbours, cars, wind, or whatever else can create a distracting sound, just have a think if you can hear your friends enough and if they can hear you properly too.

And if you’re inside, pick a room where you feel at ease without any constant sounds (I’m thinking dishwasher, washing machine and so on) and it may be a good idea to feed any dependents you may have beforehand. Nobody wants a hangry pet or child in the mix anyway.Virtual boozy brunch set-up


Be comfy – find somewhere that you are happy to sit at for a few hours and, more importantly, where drinks and snacks are all within reaching distance.


Whilst it’s never compulsory to dress up, an aspect I certainly miss from heading out and meeting friends is the preparation beforehand. The whole anticipation of the day ahead, really looking forward to what is yet to come. And even if you are just sat within your own four walls, picking out clothes, styling it up and applying some lippy can add that extra excitement. Plus, it feels nice, especially since lockdown, to get those special glad rags out.

So, there we have it, a very useful list to help you get your next virtual boozy brunch into perfect order. Now, all that is left to do is get our next bottomless session organised. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some home comfort recipes, food or drink, there are some ideas right here.

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