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Bradford, considering how close it is to where we live, is somewhere often off our radar when it comes to days out or our favourite past-time, eating. Thankful for our latest blogger trip to Bradford, this shall most certainly change.

Invited to dine at Veri Peri, a restaurant specialising in Portuguese cuisine, our hungry bellies took us on a journey to Bradford’s city centre, to indulge in their Portuguese delicacies. As part of the Broadway Centre, the restaurant tails onto the outside of it, making it really accessible from the city centre, as well as the train station. Upon exiting the shopping centre, you’re just a few minutes walk away. 

Designed with glass walls, the restaurant is open and light, and as we visited, the sun added a nice extra spot of brigthness. The concept of Veri Peri was explained, with food being married up with their range of sauces. All the meat dishes are accompanied by them, a selection available from lemon and herb, mild to very hot.

Sauces are also available on the side in case you don’t dare to fully commit in smothering your meat in too much spice.

To keep things exciting and to align the menu with the seasons, the menu is revamped every six months, and at all times you can expect delicious meats, served on skewers, buns, salad, and spicy rice.Although everything appealed to my taste buds, and my belly was calling out for the whole menu, we opted for three mains to give us the best picture of Veri Peri, choosing the beef espetada, cataplana, and beef burger with sides.

To pang the hunger in the meantime, I ordered a bumblebee smoothie, a refreshing combination of strawberry, guava, mango, and honey. Yum!

Not only did it look sweet, and of course completely matched my outfit, it was seriously tasty. Definitely recommend.The kitchen is in plain-sight, and we were able to watch the chefs prepare and cook. After a few slurps of the bumblebee, food was on its way.

As the dishes arrived, our faces beamed, served to a beautiful and fun style, I certainly hadn’t expected this nice extra surprise.

Starting with the cataplana, and served in the most delightful of hammered chrome dishes, is a dish with the combination of spiced rice, roasted vegetables and grilled chicken.Recommended to go with the lemon and herb sauce for the chicken, the rice that already had quite the kick to it balanced out the dish very well, leaving a little tingling on the tongue. The vegetables were well cooked, with a slight crunch, and mixed within was courgette, broccoli, mushrooms, and baby corn.

Honestly, absolutely fabulous, with a buttery hint to tie the whole dish together. I could eat rice all day long, and it even received double thumbs up from Nathan. This dish surprised him the most, as it’s not something he’d usually go for, yet would happily chose this again.

Served up on a skewer was the beef espetada, marinated chunks of veal tenderloin, grilled in a mild sauce that we opted for. We dared to venture to the slightly spicier sauce. The flavour was outstanding, and more importantly the meat was so soft and melted in the mouth.It goes without say, that the presentation of this dish was just awesome as well. To accompany, we had two sides of mozzarella sticks and wedges, both delightful.

My ultimate highlight though, and I cannot rave enough about this is their beef burger. It was heaven in a bun. It was dreamy, tasty, juicy, well-seasoned and completely moreish. I would even go to say it’s the best burger I have had.There are several restaurants where I also really enjoy their burgers, but often, it’s the toppings that makes them overly exciting. At Veri Peri, it’s the pureness and simplicity of the dish, making the burger meat itself stand out.

Impressed so much by it, the team explained that they had recently changed their supplier, and it’s a change I can only thank them for. I absolutely cannot wait to go back and order a table full of them. No sides, no sauces, just burger.

To calm myself down, before I hyperventilated over how great the burger was, we finished our dining experience with a creamichoc, a sweet and creamy hot chocolate.

With a very full belly, feeling extremely content, we were already talking about out next visit and what we would choose.

Veri Peri, you’re a hidden gem, and see you soon.

Have you been before?

Charlotte xox

*I was invited to review Veri Peri for an honest review. 


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