Celebrating St. Valentine’s – Our Cosy Night In


I’m mesmerised, how are we in February already? And I’m not entirely sure where the past six weeks have gone either?

Our past four months have been an absolute whirlwind of excitement, with on of the biggest life choices we have made together so far. We’re homeowners and since November 2018, we have been living in our very own house – our casa de Cookson Corner.

It’s a humbling feeling standing in front of your house, knowing that the very keys you hold, opens the doors to something more than just your home. It’s the memories, the little moments of life, the ups and dreams, the laughter, the love that has led to these four walls belonging to us.So, this year, our plans to celebrate St. Valentine’s will be within our home, it’ll be a special day just like all the other days we get to spend together, but I guess, being that bit more conscious and thoughtful for the love we have.

Of course, we know how much we love each other, but with the rhythm of life, work and all the other things in between, it’s important to focus in one those thoughts and appreciate what is there.

Every year, how we celebrate differs. It might be a meal out (as we bloody love a good excuse to do so), an evening trip with an activity, a night stroll, or a catch-up friends.More often than not, it’s a cosy night in, where we snuggle on the couch after we’ve wined and dined ourselves, catching up on our favourite movies.

This year, something similar is in store for us. We’ll be rustling up a juicy steak, probably plan to make our dinner a three-course meal (because you know… for special occasions), and courtesy of Sparkling Direct, toast to another fabulous year with a prosecco I can’t wait to try.

Having come packaged with some chocolates, well, let’s just say these haven’t quite made it safely through to the 14th, but the bubbly will be cracked open on the night. For now, and to avoid any temptations, it’s been put back in its wooden case, and stored out of reach.

And worst-case scenario, if it accidentally does seem to somehow get opened and drunken, the next day delivery service from Sparkling Direct will be a nice little lifeline.  

As for you my little dearies, do you have plans for the 14th?

I always love hearing your plans.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

PS. In return for featuring Sparkling Direct in my blog post, I was gifted a courtesy prosecco set. All thoughts and views are my own.
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