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Explore your inner wine connoisseur with The Wine List.

We’ve been recently doing a little exploring ourselves with wine under lockdown, on a small mission to know and perfect our knowledge for the wine we really like.

In terms of some key basics, a bit about grapes, regions, pairings, we know a fair bit, but there is still quite some refining to be done.We have also had our fair share of wine tasting sessions out and about, and a few intimate ones at home. I’d like to hope that my wine knowledge has improved from these, but I tend to remember the peculiar facts or comments. Hopefully, it’s been more subtle learning that has already influenced and informed without even realising.

The idea of really knowing wines collectively, with a refined palate that can recall said wine notes I find very lucrative.

The Wine List is all about this. A monthly wine subscription service that is focused on learning (without it becoming a bore) and receiving a regular supply of wine to complement your learning through drinking.Their motto is to discover wines to help you learn. So, whether that’s to learn to drink wine or to drink wine and use learning as your reason, both are a very valid reason.

So, the whole point really of The Wine List is that it’s a simple and fun process of learning wines in your own time and at your pleasure. No confusing descriptions, just simple stories, and explanations, with two bottles of wine waiting to be enjoyed.

What comes with The Wine List?

  1. Two mystery bottles of wine priced around £15-£20 in retail. These bottles are directly imported from the winemakers. Careful consideration has been made to pick small producers where their wine has been sustainably made.
  1. Your own online wine course, where each month, you will learn one ‘Wine Principle’.
  1. Tasting cards to help you expand your palate, be able to rate your wines and guide you into knowing wines you will enjoy in the future.

What I have enjoyed so far with The Wine List is the simplicity of the concept. As an amateur wine enthusiast, it is exciting to look forward to your mystery delivery and get to know more about different wines, their regions and makers.

As someone who is extremely indecisive and can often be convinced to purchase a wine based on the grape and bottle design, there’s no doubt that I’ve probably missed out on a great wine.

With the Wine List, this issue is completely eliminated. And just as it can happen when you shop around for wines, you may receive a bottle that is not your tasting, or you may completely fall in love with a type and style you’d never of consider.It is all about empowering and improving your confidence with wine. There are worse ways of learning that’s for sure.

And if you fancy giving The Wine List a go, or gifting it to a friend, use code CORNER30 for 30% off.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

PS. I was gifted a one month trial in return for an honest review.
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