Novotel Leeds launch The Soap Factory


Cocktail and tasty food alert: The Soap Factory is a must-try.

Just a few doors down from where Leeds made their super soapy history, chain hotel, Novotel, have opened up their latest lounge bar on Whitehall Road. A venue that has taken full inspiration of our city’s industrial heritage across its design and concept.It’s exciting to see Leeds based venues feel inspired by history and culture, honouring new ventures by taking a trip down memory lane.

Back to the 1890’s, the Whitehall Soap Works were in full swing, six hundred tons of soap were being manufactured a week, becoming one of the largest soap works in England.

Yes, that’s correct, right in the heart of our city centre, which now, continues to flow through into The Soap Factory’s bar and eatery.

Their bubbly décor is modern and cosy, from circular bubble inspired chrome accessories to soap-spud shaped mirrors, and eve a token golden sink central to the room. As for the menu, it’s fun and is the ultimate ode to the soap works history, from dishes that sit under Posh Pot Noodles, Factory Burgers, Soap Boxes, and Soap Spoilers.

Firm food favourites were the:

  • Tito Frito: fried calamari with a refreshing lemon mayo
  • Pulled Ham Bonbons: shredded ham with a crispy breadcrumb batter, served with wholegrain mustard relish
  • A Proper Ploughman’s: cured meats, with Wensleydale and blue cheese, egg, chutney, bread and a pork pie.

All of these were beautiful, yet the pulled ham bonbons are the genuine porky apples of my eye. These were so good, I came back a few weeks later and ate nothing but these. I did feel like quite the porker afterwards, but these are too good to miss.

Next on the list is a proper factory burger and posh pot noodle.

The signature cocktails of the night were also delightful: one refreshingly fruity, and the other caffeinated and creamy.

Introducing you to the:

  • Soaper Duper: Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and raspberry jam
  • The Soap: Aged rum. hazelnut syrup, cream, espresso and mint

Both were delightful, and whilst I sipped the night away on The Soap, my lovely assailants, Jennie and Phoebe, tucked into the Soaper Duper.

So there we have it again, another super venue for you to check out. I can only apologise, but it’s not my fault that Leeds is the best place to live. You can check out their Facebook page here, where you can also spy on their delicious menu too.

Novotel has well and truly created a lounge bar and eatery that encapsulates both industrial heritage of Leeds, as well as a trendy, interesting venue to share another night with friends and family.

Well worth a visit, and just remember those ham bonbons are far too moreish. If you ever require a cocktail-sipping, food-loving partner in crime, I’m your gal. 

If you’ve been or are planning on going, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Charlotte xox

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