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Tucked away on Albion Street, you will most probably have heard, is where The Lost and Found Club takes residence.

 A central location perfect for any keen brunchers and diners, slat bang in the middle of Leeds city centre’s busy high streets, amongst the rows of brick builds and high-rise, corner to corner of food and drink pitstops.  And just on the corner is where you’ll find this peculiarly fascinating restaurant.

Welcome to one of my favourite city dines, Mr Benedict Pike’s Lost and Found Club, nestled inside one of Leeds’s grand iconic Grade II listed buildings, previously where Leeds Club ran from back in 1820.Inside, you’re immersed into a rather intriguing foodie escape. Spectacularly eclectic, tropical vibes, quirky accessories, all of which just screams mysterious.

Marvel and flavours are guaranteed here. I can vouch for that from multiple occasions. The interior is playful, a brilliant combination of embracing its original Victorian charm whilst throwing itself right into the 21st century.

From high ceilings with gold embellishments, chunky upholstered couches, to Dadaism art, branched chandeliers, and colossal potted plants.The blend avoids a stuffy and pretentious look, and instead radiates funk, style and flair.  

A grand staircase leads the way to the main dining area, it’s light and open with pillars of palms outlining the room. 

Taking centre stage, a gold-framed Mr Benedict Pike sits above the fireplace, observing from high.

Pike is the wacky professor persona responsible for the concoctions you’ll find on the menu.  

Lost and Found Summer Cocktails

Keeping the thirst at bay, we went straight in, with an ooh and aah at every single summer cocktail. They all sounded delicious, light and refreshing, of which many also included our favourite spirit- gin.Nathan went for the Japanese G&T, served with Roku gin.

It’s new one for us, medlied with Sensha syrup, natural Indian tonic, garnished with fresh ginger and flower sprig. The sencha (Japanese green tea) was very subtle, so if go for this, I’d recommend asking for a little extra syrup.On the sweeter side of drinks, I went with the Sloe Berry Tonic. Sloe gin, lavender syrup, plum bitters and Indian tonic water, with a handful of berries and mint; a perfectly fruity summer sip.

Lost and Found Summer Dishes 

The Starters

To continue the summer theme, Nathan ordered the Greek salad. A dish for the gods- it was served to perfection.

The neatly lined cucumber swirls, blistered cherry tomatoes, pickled red onions, and a generous sprinkling of feta. The hidden layer of olive tapenade made the ideal combo for the cucumber too, contrasting in texture and taste.A sucker for satay, I couldn’t resist the grilled chicken skewers. So moreish.

Tender chicken bites, coated in a rich saucy peanut layer; the cooling cucumber, carrot and coriander was a delicate refreshing topping. 

The Mains

Charmed by the unusual batter mix and accompaniments, Nathan decided on the poppy seed battered hake, served with masala-spiced chips, minted pea raita and mango chutney.

The fish was light and fluffy, the batter crisp and delicate, and the poppy seed a delightful extra taste to come across.With well-spiced chunky chips that had a good kick to them, the raita and chutney were welcomed sides to balance the dish out.

From the Josper charcoal oven, cooking at 400 degrees, my eyes were instantly drawn to the BBQ pork belly.

It’s a meat I go weak at the knees for especially if the main pork is tender, the fatty upper layer is grilled to a crunch. Success, their Josper delivered. Smokey, melt-in-the-mouth goodness, lathered in a thick rich barbecue sauce.Ahem, can I have three of these, please?

Keeping the pork, the main attraction, the sides were simple, and rightly so, New potatoes in a spring onion and sour cream salad and a coleslaw seasoned with chipotle and lime.

These aren’t usually sides I’d pick, only because I’m fussy and prefer my own homemade versions. Sometimes I’m really let down by the taste, however, Lost and Found did a good job.

The pork belly, however, was still king.And that’s another great day out at one of my favourite bar and restaurants in Leeds.

Their summer menu has shown once again that they know their flavours, aren’t shy to experiment, and produce dishes leaving you to only want more, all the while whilst you dine in style, immersed into this fantasy eclectic world of quirks.

The Lost and Found Club is a must-visit, whether you choose to dine, drink or indulge in both, and get stuck into their four walls of marvel.And on a slightly odd note to finish, head downstairs to check out the toilets. That is all. And I do hope you come back to let me know what you think of them.

So, have you been here before, and if so what was your favourite dish ‘n’ drink?

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

PS. I was invited down by The Lost and Found Club to review their summer menu in return to writing an honest review about my thoughts and experience. 
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