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There are so many awesome things that happen across the world that we have no idea about, millions of people doing great things, inspiring stuff, doing good deeds, helping others. And isn’t it the nicest of things when you happen to come across a really nice story- whether you’ve read it online, or a friend told you- and it just gives you the nicest of feelings. Making you say aww. And outright just putting you in a good mood.

Yeah, well, a few months back, a really lovely email landed in my inbox. It was the launch announcement of a new brand, Taylor + Rani. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing about T+R, they are an ethical brand of teen girl’s underwear. The beauty of this brand is not just their super cute designs, but their overarching conscience and strong message they are trying to get out. Embedded into the foundations of the business, founder and designers, Isobel Barclay, is on a mission to promote girl’s rights and educations in the parts of the world where it’s currently lacking. Amazing, right?NEWTaylor-&-RaniTaylor-&-Rani2So T+R are currently working with a number of charities such as Smalls for All that is operating in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Sierra Leone by helping keep girls in education for longer. Girls in these areas sadly often miss out on their education when they hit puberty because often there is a lack of female toilets as well as sanitary products.

How, you may ask, is T+R making a difference though? Well this is my favourite bit. For every pair of knickers that are sold, a pair is donated to the charity to help the girls have clean underwear. As for every other product that is sold, it’s matched with a monetary donation to help fund the building of the female toilets at schools and providing the necessary sanitary products to teenagers.Taylor-&-Rani5I interviewed Isobel about the brand and its mission for Yahoo Style, and one of the most heart-warming quotes was as follows.

“There are so many areas of my career that I enjoy and I am incredibly proud of the good that has been produced through Taylor + Rani. Girls as far away as Malawi have been given support to stay in education for longer by girls in Exeter who are buying our knickers.”

😍 😍 😍

And in case you were wondering, it’s these little cuties that are making waves and doing good things for our ladies across the globe.Taylor-&-Rani6Although these gorgeous sets were originally designed for teenagers, Isobel explained they grew in popularity (I mean how could they not?) with women also wanting to get their hands on them. So now catered to up to a size 10 for now, their floral, spotty, striped and unicorn bras and knickers can be enjoyed by a few extra more.

Yes. Yes I did say unicorn!

Having taken away my set on my travels, the bralette and hotpants made for the most comfy of wears. On several occasions I’ve also worn the bra for sports, with enough support and comfort for running and mat exercises. Most of their bras are reversible too, so if you’re not quite feeling the pattern one day, you can just switcheroo to its plain side… voila. Taylor-&-Rani8Love, love, love this set and I love even more for that T+R stands for. Knowing that a lady on the other side of the globe is benefitting from these wonderful sets being bought, then hey presto, I couldn’t recommend enough for you to check out their online store or at least keep up to date with them on their social media channels. 

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

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    That’s such a lovely idea! I wish I could squeeze my top half in a 10 though! x

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

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      Isn’t it just?! And their designs are the cutest- I spotted a unicorn set too! Hopefully as demand grows, they’ll look into designing more sizes 🙂

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