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“Leaving home without accessorizing is like walking out without shoes” – Tania Rodamilans.

I’ve always liked keeping the way I accessorise fairly simple. As opposed to a lot of jewellery pieces, or styles that clash and contrast, I’m more for that one statement item, a stand-out jewellery that pulls together the entire outfit, one that completes the look.

Where I find inspiration from differs quite a lot. The weather, my mood, or what we have planned, all can spark an idea. It could also be a Sunday clear-out where I come across jewellery that has been hidden away for years, I decide needs to see the light, or the forever feed of gorgeous styles and designs on Instagram.I recently came across Chicago-based jewellery maker on Instagram, Tania Rodamilans, who designs and creates collections themed within the boho-chic style, using handpicked materials.

Unique patterns, intricate chains, with mesmerising colours and shapes of the pendant stones, Tania’s work is truly something special and extraordinary, and through connecting on Instagram, I was able to see the piece of art for myself.Just one of many that caught my eye was the teardrop labradorite pendant. A shimmering sky night stone, hanging from a hooped antique gold brass chain. The myth behind the stone is interesting as well:

“In the myths of the northern people, Labradorite is thought to have fallen from the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights). Eskimos believed that the Northern Lights were once trapped in the rocks off the coast of Labrador, but were set free into the air by one of their ancestors who broke one of the rocks with his spear – some of the lights, however, remained trapped in the stone which we now call Labradorite.”

With a smart design too, the 34-inch long necklace, can in fact, be shortened through its double lobster clasp, and can be adjusted to suit whichever look you’re going for.Having recently went out with friends for food and drinks, I decided to pair the necklace with a silk black strap top, pink floral skort, and black velvet heels.

The labradorite pendant complemented the colours of the flowers on the skort, whilst the hooped chain added a layer of pattern to the upper half. In this case, I wanted the pendant to be quite central, so opted for a mid-height focus.Yet for a more casual look, say jeans, biker top and boots, the chain can be clasped lower, allowing the pendant to dangle, midriff, creating a flowing, relaxed vibe.

As for a formal occasion, I’ve also given that some thought. Imagine wearing the necklace back to front, so as opposed to the chain being over the chest, you’d wear it over the back. Matched to a sleek and simple dress, with an open back, the pendant becomes the showstopper.Classic jewellery is timeless and can in its own way tell a story. There’s a story behind the materials used, behind the crafter, and one of the person wearing it. Tania’s collections is an artwork – artwork that is versatile, functional and provides a sense of stylish completeness to an outfit.

What makes Tania’s collection even more so special is that each jewellery is unique, not one item will be same, each acting as its own magic talisman that can transform not only an outfit but the person wearing it.

Charlotte xox

PS. I collaborated with Tania after seeing her beautiful work on Instagram. Whilst I was gifted this necklace, I did not receive any payments and all of my views are my own.
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