A Sunday Best at Pieminister


Sundays are made for rest, roasts and Sundays best. Now, over at Pieminister, Sundays welcome the food matrimony between the roast dinner and pie.

Blasphemy you may say, for why would anyone want to compromise the already perfect roast dinner with the already perfect pie? Now then, bear with me, I was intrigued by the combo myself.So, off to Pieminister we went, to check out what a Sunday roast dinner pie looked and tasted like.

The dealio with the Sunday pie is as simple as can be.

With a classic pie of your choice, you are served all the Sunday roast essentials additionally.Nestled below the pie is a thick, creamy layer of mash, and loaded on top you’ll find carrots, swede mash, baby roasties and a pig in blanket encased in a golden Yorkshire pudding.

For a final touch, a garnish of crackling and a side of gravy, which for one extra pound becomes bottomless. Get that pie a flooding.Our chosen pies were the ‘Moo’ and ‘Moo & Blue’, a classic British beef steak and ale pie, with the ‘blue’ element being the special addition of stilton.

Like a good pie should be, the outer pastry was crispy, with the inside perfectly squishy, and most importantly, a casing that was full to the brim.

The beef was tender and the sauce flavoursome. With Nathan’s Moo & Blue, the stilton shone through, being the clear winner in this pie medley.Becoming the ultimate pie stacker with all our Sunday roast extras, we started the meal debating how to tackle the food. The only option was, just go for it.

A Yorkshire, roastie, carrot, sausage, pie, mash and a coating of gravy. It all went in as one, and what a fierce combination. The crackling was devoured all alone – in full glory.

The flavours all worked really well together, and for the few extra quid to upgrade, it’s well worth it. Each element was cooked perfectly, and the plate, after a food fuelled 30 minutes, was as clean as clean can be.Just one thought, and I’d very much would have loved to have had this, was the entire pie and extra bits served inside a large Yorkshire pudding. One, because my gravy is genuinely in a boat, and two, it may have been a smidgen easier to eat, and three, that’s just so novel.

My favourite roast dinner accessory though had to be the Yorkshire pudding, with the tiny roast potatoes and the pork crackling.On the side, we also had halloumi chips which came with a phenomenal sauce and large Puglian olives. Deeeeeelightful! Not that these were necessary, but when they taste so good, they kinda are.

Served alongside our food, Nathan had the draught Pieminister Pie.P.A, a hoppy beer that complemented the pie very well.I chose the ‘Gone with the gin’ – obviously a gin-based cocktail with homemade ginger beer, elderflower and fresh lime.

Refreshingly tasty and a great thirst quencher, especially on 2-for-1.

So, there we have it, Pieminister, you’ve twisted my arm, a pie is a-okay to serve up with Sunday roast accessories.

Serving up pie realness.

Charlotte xox

PS. I was invited down to Pieminister to review their Sunday roast pies. All views and opinions are completely honest and my own.
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