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Coffee on speed dial? Sounds great huh. The thought of there being no coffee in the house for my morning brew gives me shivers, and how a day in the office would look without coffee? Impossible!

I wouldn’t have said I’m a coffee addict, but considering I feel it gets me through the day… that very well may tell a different story.I grew up with a mum who loved her fresh filter coffee, and a father who always had a cuppa tea nearby. I love both, and drink more than enough of each, more than I probably do water. Oops.

Yet these hot beverages make the world go around. Remember back to the last time you ran out of tea or coffee. Ooo… actually please stop, I feel your pain.

And there’s now a solution to avoid a coffee-free morning, it’s rectangular, it’s blue and it goes by the name of Blue Coffee Box.

So, what is it?

Changing up the coffee industry one package at a time, Blue Coffee Box is a UK subscription club for speciality coffee lovers.

A monthly subscription service that is a) packed with freshly roasted coffee, b) sent in a cute blue letterbox-friendly parcel and c) prepared with tasting notes and information of the origin and farm where the coffee is produced.

Basically, it’s a supply of coffee on prearranged demand, somewhat like speed dial, to make sure you never run out of the roasted goodness ever. There’s coffee varieties, tastes and styles to cater to everyone’s ideal brew.You select how you want your coffee to be prepared and the type of roast you like. And if you’re feeling rather spontaneous, there’s an option to receive a mystery selection where your coffee concierge will do the deciding for you.

So, whether you’re a whole beaner, a cafetiere sipper, a dripper or espresso shotter, Blue Coffee Box has you covered.

And who are they?

It all began in 2017 by a father and son duo, Harvey and Jon Butt, who (surprise surprise!) both love coffee. The inspiration came from a visit to the US, having seen a similar service, and felt the UK needed to catch up.


Why should you try this coffee box?

Well that’s a very good point to discuss.

Minus the fact that running out of coffee is a dreadful experience, Blue Box is all about fresh quality coffee. Offering only speciality coffee – which by the way isn’t just a name to make coffee sound posh – which is a single origin or microlot coffee that scores over 80+ on the SCA quality scale.So basically, it’s the good stuff. Coffee of genuine quality.Little did I know, this only covers the top 10% of coffees in the world, and currently 65% of the UK are still very much into their instant coffees… which I must add, I also drink.

What I also buy is filter coffees from the supermarket, again, something I had no idea also tends to be stale and not as fresh as I had thought.

So much I didn’t know about coffee…

With Blue Coffee Box, they introduce three new roasters every month from the top UK 300 craft roasters to hand-roast the beans as well, and then based on how you would like your coffee, these are fresh roasted every week for the ultimate taste and quality.These guys also deal directly with the farmers and co-operatives, cutting out the middlemen, meaning that the farmers earn more, investing more towards a sustainable farming future for families and producers. In doing do, farmers are earning 30% more than the Fairtrade price.

And how was it?

It was a delivery that I was so looking forward to arriving.

Having opted for the ‘surprise me’ subscription, I couldn’t wait to discover what three coffees had been picked. Not knowing what coffee was inside was brilliant, and certainly opened my theoretical door to a coffee exploration. The three coffee pouches picked for me came from Rwanda, Tanzania and Peru.

Each packet had the most delightful of coffee aromas, that instantly hit you upon opening the pouch… you know, that real coffee smell.

The coffee notes and hints each packet had was really interesting too, and we spent a good afternoon nattering away – over coffee – trying to see if our senses were skilled enough to sniff out the vanilla, fig and plum, or even the rich cherry, dark chocolate and caramel.

We had an absolute hoot smell and taste-testing, but could we identify the notes of each? No, not yet… I think we may need a few more speciality coffees to make us pros, but for now, we’ll leave it to the experts anyway.

What was particularly interesting were the coffee cards explaining more about each of the coffees, where they came from and what makes each of the coffees so fabulous.It’s easy with our lifestyle to be the ultimate consumer, you buy products, you use them, you bin them, all without much knowledge of where they came from in the first place. Therefore, being able to read up more about our coffees and where they came from was a lovely touch.

And absolutely most importantly, did we enjoy our coffee? Yes, yes, yes!

So, Blue Coffee Box subscription essentially really is your very own world tour of speciality coffee delivered straight to your HQ. With more than 17 countries to taste coffee from, from light, medium or dark roasts, there’s a lot to be enjoyed. Or you can handover the coffee control and allow the team to pick for you.Pouches can start from £6.59 a month or £14.49 for a box of three. Cancelling, pausing, skipping or upgrading a box is a-okay to do at any time too. And there’s also

For me, it was the first time trialling coffee-on-wheels… have you ever considered a coffee subscription service?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.
Charlotte xox

*PS. This post is part of a review. Having received the first box free of charge, I was welcomed to write about my experience in an honest and transparent way. 
    • Nati
    • July 19, 2018

    Oh my goodness this is such a wonderful idea! I’m such a coffee fanatic and I love that packaging too! Thank you for sharing – I’m going to go and check it out now!

    Nati x | | @curatedbynati

    • Reply

      Hey Nati
      Ah lovely, thanks so much for your comment. The packaging is really sweet isn’t it? And I love the fact it fits through a letterbox! Whatever you go for, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

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