The Sunday I really needed: turbo spa + me time


What a heck of a month October has been. I spent most of this month indoors, getting to know my couch very well, taking it completely easy with the knee. Whilst my knee has been recovering, my skin has taken a bit of a hit.

A knock on effect from not cleansing regularly, feeling run down from the operation, the inability to be active, the dry radiator heat. All just a few reasons of many reasons why a Sunday day out of the purest pleasures was needed.An afternoon in town, bumbling around at my own pace with nothing to do, apart from whatever I fancied doing. No plan, no stress.

Priority number one, though, was a very called for express spa session. My skin was in need of some TLC and a real boost of goodness to make up for the past few weeks of neglect.

Completely unknown to me prior to this, Clarins had launched their BeautyBAR, a concept dedicated to quick and effective facial treatments in a condensed session.On the ground floor of John Lewis, where the makeup counters are located, is where this mini wellness area has been set up. The ultimate serene setting of bright whites and relaxing greys, I was ready to drift away for 30 minutes.

First things first, it was time to enter the Clarins ‘bubble’, and thanks to a few fruity spritzes of lemon from Eau Dynamisante, I was ready for the full relaxation.Head back and relax. That half an hour was a delight. From the soothing application of products, to the gentle rubs around the face, warm wipes and deep massages from face down to the neck, I would have happily stayed put for the rest of the day.

Across eight or so different processes, my face was well cleansed, toned and oiled, and my neck and shoulders feeling released.

As guided by the specialist, to allow the treatment to deepen and have its full effect, I kept my face make-up free for 24 hours, continued with the skin routine that was advised for my skin. All the Clarins products are plant based, which has really helped improve the quality of my skin, reducing outbreaks and making me feel more comfortable leaving the house makeup free.

I’m feeling real good and back on track with my skin care, something that I shouldn’t really have let slip, but can be so easy to neglect.

So for me, this bar makes for the perfect occasion to seek out ‘me-time’ during those busy weeks when you’re most in need of some TLC, or just a little luxury treatment in-between a shopping spree.Feeling like a glowing goddess, I continued the leisurely day browsing through town, excited by the autumnal collections, because for me, the colder months bring out the very best shopping seasonal goodies for home and wear.

The colours, the patters, and the textures. Of course I had to treat myself to a few things lot of things.

The day out finished with a pit stop at Starbucks, having had to try for the first time ever the Pumpkin Spiced latte. And you know what… I really can see why people love it. It’s tasty. It’s up there with the chai’s in the world, with chai’s still being total number one though.

And I just sat there for a while, looking out, and people watching. Enjoying one sip after the other, just appreciating the little joys and moments a day can bring.

Lots of love

Charlotte xox 

*Thank you to Clarins for the lovely relaxing invite and making me feel fabulous after my surgery. As per usual, my posts are honest and all of the thoughts are my own. 
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