Smokin’ Bar & Kitchen has come to Leeds


A new bar and restaurant as awoken in Leeds on 24 Park Row. Having stepped into the shoes of Around The World Bar, our new arrival is Smokin’ Bar & Kitchen.

Slow-cooked meats, smoky flavours, and twisted cocktails to live up to the standards of competing bars further down.The design of Smokin’ intertwines two authentic US inspired eras. From the dark woods, brick bar, oil drum sinks and stunning native American murals, one aspect of this venue screams Old West.

From the logo and menu design to the neon blue signage and geometric accessories, one corner oozes prohibition and speak-easy.

Even the choice of spirits and cocktails fit in line with their themes from Eagle Rare whiskey to Gentleman Jack, Auchentoshan American Oak, Steakhouse Tea and the Salted Caramel Mudslide.

The food

Going all out on BBQ meats, Smokin’ offers quite the variety without feeling overwhelmed by too much choice. The menu showcases its burgers, ribs ‘n’ wings, smoked fish, grilled steak, amongst other options should you wish to stray away from these.The Fully Loaded caught my eye, a burger that came with the works. Smoked beef patty, sausage and brisket. And if that’s not enough, you can ask for extras.

To top the burger off, I asked for an additional portion of smashed avocado. Surely every burger needs a little avo-cuddle, right?Alongside the burger that well and truly was loaded, I was intrigued by the chilli and garlic infused greens.

This dish was awesome. The burger was full of flavour and certainly a mouthful. The meats were cooked spot on, tender and smoky, and held together by a slab of melted cheese.Importantly, the bread buns were fluffy and the chips crisp. The greens packed a mini punch from their seasoning and went down very well. The greens were my favourite side dish.

The drinks

I’ve always rather liked creamy drinks, and I go against the cocktail grain when I say I’d happily drink almost-milkshake think drinks with my main; in that sense I don’t really have rules or an etiquette.

Supped up first was the Salted Caramel Mudslide- salted caramel Kahlua, vodka, Baileys and cream. Pretty much a dessert in liquid format. We had waited quite some time for our drinks to arrive – it was launch week though – so the drink had separated by the time it arrived. After a good whizz with the straw, it was sorted and was a really tasty and enjoyable drink.

The second of the night was the Blueberry Breakfast. This was certainly a choice based purely on the garnishing. PANCAKES. Blueberry, vanilla and bourbon muddled together creates this jam jar cocktail, served with the cutest garnish of blueberry and pancakes.Although we all loved and cooed over the pancake, it wasn’t a favourite as far as cocktails though. That being said, I’m not a big bourbon drinker and was certainly blind sighted by the exciting garnish. I wouldn’t order this again but would be tempted by the Americano Short Root jam jar.

The beer menu is extensive and impressive so if none of the cocktails appeal to you, beer and soft drinks are on the cards.

If you pop into Smokin’, I’d love to hear what you ate and what your thoughts are?

Lots of love
Charlotte xox

*Thank you to PG HL for the event invite. All views are my own. 
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