A slow living weekend and combating procrastination


One of the things I’m starting to appreciate more of recently are just how mellow the weekend can be, with mornings that can be enjoyed with a slow start, setting the tone for the rest of the day.  

I love being a busybody, and my weekdays are at the very heart of being on-the-go.

The alarm awakens this sleeping beast at 6AM, and a rather grouchy person may hit the snooze button a few times. Up and out of bed I’ll be no later than 20 minutes, for Cuthbert is wailing for his breakfast and I’m in desperate need of a big pot of coffee.A few glugs later, I’m on my way to the gym, and an hour later it’s work time for a full day of project managing. Then it’s back home, cook and eat, Netflix ‘n’ blog, and then the grand finale… bed.

I’m not really one to sit still. Being active has always been part of me.

So when the week rolls closer to the weekend, and I’m clueless as to what the weekend holds, my immediate reaction – of course – is to plan plan plan away.

I’ll be whizzing through local guides looking for walks and attractions, scouring the web for pop up events and trawling through blogs for restaurant recommendations. Nathan, on the other hand, takes these weekends in his stride. 

Our January weekends have been ‘slow and sleepy’. For quite some while now, over the weekends, Nathan has been busy working on projects from home, so I’ve pottered around, doing bits and bobs here and there; and secretly, I think I’ve really been enjoying it.I guess previously, I’ve convinced myself otherwise. Or I genuinely must have been bored out of my mind.

So from these unplanned, lazy weekends, what I enjoy most about them is waking up, not at the crack of dawn, and just taking my time to adjust. It’s cold outside, and I’ll gladly remain under the covers, tucked up in bed like a sausage roll. Cuthbert will be curled up by my feet, and the morning sun peeps through from under the blind.

For the best kind of slumber, there’s nothing better than fresh sheets and covers, and whilst we’re at it, a brand new pyjama set too. Ready to slumber in, this traditional style Simply Be set is Moonstruck, with stars and moons to dream the night away.

A fresh bed, new nightwear, isn’t that just a heavenly combination? After several Z’s, the weekend awakens.

A slow and cosy morning. No need to rush, no urgency to leave the bed, except for coffee.And best of all, you decide where you want to enjoy your brew. Coffee in bed, on the couch, perched on the radiator or pondering life looking out the window. However you feel.

Since forever, I’ve always convinced myself that weekends without plans are dull and boring. A statement I should really retract. They can be refreshing, energising, and the perfect time to potter around at your own pace.

Last weekend felt very productive and I was extremely motivated to crack on with a lot of stuff, whilst this weekend, I felt I lost my mojo. Procrastination at its finest and an excuse was around every possible corner.

That, combined with just lounging around, eating ungodly amounts proved not be very fruitful; and the weather situation wasn’t its best.What I really hoped for, seeing that I was starting to enjoy unplanned weekends, was another empowering weekend that felt great. I really needed was someone to kick my butt into gear. That being said, there will always be those kind of weekends.

So, for the next time a weekend as such comes around, for your sake, and that of my own, I’ve put together a silly list of things you could try mostly around your house. For when you have no plans, and procrastination is at its finest.  


Goodbye boredom list:

  1. Enjoy all the coffee you can drink
  2. Get some jams on and have a boogie
  3. People watch
  4. Declutter your room
  5. List unwanted items on eBay
  6. Read a book in a café
  7. Go for a walk/ jog 
  8. If you have pet, get all the cuddles you can out of them 
  9. Swap around room accessories for a new look
  10. Write letters to friends and family
  11. Make up a poem
  12. FaceTime your best friend
  13. Prepare a slow-cooker meal
  14. Change your bedding
  15. Head out for nature photography
  16. Start plotting a secret plan to wine and dine with buddies
  17. Commit to putting that messy-pile-of-whatever-it-is away
  18. Have a long soak in the bath *even better with candles, book and coffee*
  19. Have another coffee
  20. Netflix ‘n’ nibble  

There we have it. Two handful worth of ideas to kick the boredom and make your weekend sparkle.

What we’d love to know is what do you make of unplanned weekends? And what about combating a vicious cycle of feeling lazy and unmotivated?

It’d be wonderful if you shared your tips and tricks in the comments below.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

*Thank you to Simply Be for making my slumber that little softer with the Moonstruck pyjama set. All views and thoughts are my own.
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