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Since living in Leeds, it’s always been a great place for food and drinks, but in particular it’s the Northern Quarter that’s becoming an exciting place for the city. As each new venue opens up, it’s becoming a stronger hotspot for local art, independent music and the occasional Yorkshire brewed beer.  One of the newest additions is Slate NQ– a pool bar that specialises in fresh dough artisan pizzas. 


1. So my first reason for why you should visit Slate NQ is because they have the perfect set-up to watch your very own pizza be rolled, kneaded and cooked by their chef. There’s something really lovely about seeing your food be prepared right in front of you. 

2. The pizzas are very tasty. Between myself and the lovely Natalie, we had two fantastic vegetarian pizzas to share. One was the ‘Vegetarian’ which was topped with hot peppers, sun blushed tomatoes, roasted artichokes, olives and goats cheese and I went for a very rich ‘Wild Mushroom’ option with fontina and garlic. They were gobbled up pretty quickly and we both had more than enough for a good lunch the following day! Pizza collage 3. Delicious cocktails… need I say more? To start off with I had the ‘Gem of Piacenza’ a cocktail masterpiece of 8 spiced rum with Kahlúa, Frangelico, espresso and vanilla syrup. If you like coffee, this is the ideal drink for you. The second cocktail I had was a fiery and exciting ‘Heat Of The Moment’ which was a blend of Velho Barreiro Cachaça mixed with lime juice, passion fruit purée and coconut syrup, garnished with a slice of chilli. Natalie opted for a fruity ‘Pear and Ginger Collins’ and then to finish off a ‘Northern Heights’ which had an usual and intriguing garnish combo of basil and blueberries. CocktailsAnd of course, with being part of the Northern Quarter, Slate NQ also serves 16 varieties of beer, so there’s plenty of excuses to head out and get testing.

4. If you’re looking to brush up on those pool skills, Slate NQ have either their 7ft or 9ft tables that you can book out and get practising which are located both up and downstairs.  SlateNQ105. Then my final reason for why you should get yourself down to this venue (and it shouldn’t take much convincing) is because the Northern Quarter is an awesome night out. Whether you’re looking for an excuse to dance on tables in Mojo’s, drink Sandinista’s finest tequila verditas or even take part in the NQ pub crawl pilgrimage.

Either way, you should head down and check it out for yourself. 

Charlotte xxx

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