Body Love And Self-Acceptance Takes Time


There is a lot of truth behind the magical number 30. With just six months away from hitting the milestone, I’m truly looking forward to this special chapter in my life. They say life begins at thirty, and that the 30’s club is the best decade, and I am here for it.

 If life continues being as kind as it has been, where I’ve felt the most settled, rooted, genuinely content and happy, and the dirty thirties gets even better, then bring it on.

I’ve never really had any complaints about my life, I’ve loved it so far and learnt a tonne of things throughout. And for sure, there are always little bumps along the way, but I’m truly lucky to have a fantastic family, amazing friends, a special someone that I share our first ever home with and two crazy pets that keep us royally entertained. All these parts of my life make me feel good, confident and have shaped me into who I am today. 

I’d like to think I’m a happy, confident and positive person, and I try to see the best in everything, and still be a realist. I remember for a long time though, I struggled with a small issue that hugely impacted on my self-acceptance. I feel silly saying it now, but it was small boobs. It was a nightmare how much I drove myself crazy over this, and whilst I loved every other part of my body, my small boobs caused a real problem with how I saw myself. 

The real issue was, I was in my own head, and it took a long time to realise. Before I met Nathan, I felt so insecure about my boobs, always worrying if a crush would think I’m unattractive, or that when we went swimming people would look or even possibly judge. There were so many scenarios I could think of.

It’s been over 20 years in the making, or maybe 10 years of having a caring and loving partner, or just a natural timely process, but I have come to accept and love my body. Every little part! 

You see, nearing your thirties isn’t half so bad. And then when you pair your confidence with beautiful clothes, this confidence skyrockets and can break that glass ceiling.  

Debuting my first items from IDentity Lingerie, a UK family run business that handcrafts luxury lingerie, silk gowns and nightwear. Sustainable and ethical, they vow for production and processes to also be environmentally friendly. With each item carefully sewn by seamstresses, IDentity Lingerie caters for custom size orders, ensuring the perfect fit. 

Their collections are adorable and you’ll find yourself browsing from start to finish adoring their chic styles from detailed and intricate items to simple yet impressionable. Each is as beautiful as the other, made to empower and bring out your inner goddess.

With cute matching underwear, I was drawn to the divine colour and detailing of their lace trim bralette. Soft, sensual and visually striking. The patterned lace cups are beautiful with comfortable silk bands, a very luxurious looking bra. The overall fit is lovely, and their custom sizing guarantees the perfect fit. I hugely recommend taking advantage of their bespoke tailoring, as through only fault of my own and not measuring, the bra band is a tad too large and I’ll need to spend a moment adjusting it by several centimetres.

The bras all have matching pants, something that is obviously super important wen it comes to saucy underwear, and with several variations to pick from. Being able to mix and match the knickers allows for the choice between styles and moods, and again with many designed to have adjustable waistbands to allow the ideal fit.

And whilst I’m not quite yet a bride, the silk bridal dressing gowns are the perfect cover for the morning, for special occasions and even outdoors. For me, this has become my weekend gown, for those slow mornings, coffee in bed and just taking it easy. And to go against the grain, I’ve already paired it up with outfits for a night out, for it’s far too beautiful to not be worn outside. Even for holidays, the gown will be a perfect light cover-up for cooler evenings or strolls along the beach.

In terms of being unconventional, I’m applying the same theory for this slinky little green nightgown made from Japanese silk. You say nightwear, I say yes to evening and nightwear. Again, why limit such a beauty to one occasion. These pieces when styled up or down are perfect for non and conventional purposes. I’ve already enjoyed floating around in my nightgown to a garden afternoon tea in heels and I can already see pairing this with a chunky knit jumper and boots for autumn, with so many more variations to have fun with too.

Very importantly though, I felt wonderful in these pieces. I don’t own many silk items and there is something special about the material, from the way it feels to the way it sits and how it makes you feel too. I felt a million dollars and couldn’t help myself from twirling in the mirror looking at every angle from left to right and back again.

If there’s one thing I wish for everyone, is that they feel great inside and out, and love every inch of their body. Be yourself and love yourself for it.

Lots of love,


PS. I was gifted items from IDentity Lingerie to review in return for an honest opinion.
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