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I always bang on about how marvellous Leeds is, and that’s because it really is. Since going to uni here in 2010, it’s developed massively, and even better, the city continues to develop and grow.

Wellington Place is becoming the ultimate hub for commercial, retail, leisure and living, meaning plenty of new and exciting things joining as an extension to the city life. If you haven’t checked out the development so far, I’d recommend doing so, and tying it in with a good spot of wine and nibbles.

The Venue

Veeno, the UK’s answer to the Italian Aperitivo, opened their newest venue in Wellington Place last month, their second in Leeds, and 11th venue in the UK since 2013.

The concept of drinking, nibbling and relaxing after work with friends and family is at the core of the business. Not only does the good wine and delicious food prove that, but also the interior and layout.Wine barrelled tables, cork and bottle accessories, wooden cladding, warm lighting- the atmosphere is humbling and cosy. Somewhere you’d want to be, sharing a lovely time with those closest to you.

For the summer, the outdoor patio will be a dream. You’ll be able to enjoy Veeno’s offering out in the fresh air, and fingers crossed, a spot of sun too. And with eyes closed, you might even be able to take yourself away on a Sicilian adventure.

The wine tasting

Invited to try their ‘Selezione’ Wine Tasting experience, we had a marvellous selection of wines to try, all of which came from their family vineyard in Sicily.

Two whites, two reds, and a rosé where showcased, with each glass paired with the most delightful spuntini.

Spuntini are authentic Italian appetisers, and can include cold meat cuts, bread, cheese… you get the gist. Veeno’s spuntini are all sourced from producers in Italy, choosing to only work with the best of the best.

Toward the end of the experience, and to satisfy the sweet tooth, the sweet wine is brought out with homemade Italian tiramisù.

Sounds grand, right?

The pairings


Up first was the Timpune Sicani Grillo, Veeno’s driest white wine, paired together with what the company to refer to as the ‘king of Mozzarelle’. Need I say more?

It was an impressive slice of Mozzarella di Buffala, tasty and creamy; an absolute divine pairing for a dry wine. The second white wine was softer, with a fruiter taste, a white wine that was more up my street. The Corte Ferro Sicani Zibibbo, you may also find referred to on the menu as the wine of love, contains floral notes and fruits with a hit of elderflower.

Although fruiter, this wine was paired with a proper cheese lover’s idea of heaven. The Pecorino in Grotta are delicate sheets of cheese, made from sheep’s milk, which is seasoned in a cavern. The cheese was brought out with taralli bread crackers (of which I’m now officially obsessed with), a beautiful combination of quality products. Although consider yourself warned, if you’re not one to enjoy intense cheeses, or aren’t feeling a punchy cheese, a different spuntini may be a better choice.


Veeno’s only rosé is the Tasari Syrah, and it’s no surprise. Its fruity notes and lightness made this one very easy indeed to drink. And the pairing was even easier to eat. The speck, juniper and pepper smoked ham, needs to further explaining, and just words of encouragement to try it out.


 The first red wine we tried was my favourite of the two, the Sachia Sicani Perricone. In particular for those who may not enjoy red wine as much, this red contains hints of liquorish and spice, replacing the typical oaky taste for just a more intense flavour.

The salted beef bresaola, which was served with warm slices of bread, where meaty slices of heaven.Nathan, on the other hand, preferred the second red wine. And as someone who enjoys smoked, or oakier drinks, I wasn’t surprised that Nathan’s favourite was the richest wine on the menu.

The Cutaja Le Selezione Nero d’avila Riserva, a deep red wine with blends of currants, prunes, herbs and cocoa.

As for the food accompaniment, there was no holding me back with the Gorgonzola, sweet and creamy blue cheese, served with walnuts on a crisp cracker.


The ultimate finale was of course dessert. We had the enjoyment of trying out the family’s very own sweet wine, the Tagos Grillo. Served to a 35ml measure, I was secretly hoping that such glasses as ones that magically refilled and never ended existed.

It went down a treat alongside the homemade tiramisu.

Will I be coming back for more? Yes. Am I currently dreaming over wine and spuntini’s at Veeno’s? Have I got a date in mind for the next visit? Yes.

Veeno have a range of wine tasting experiences, with the most delightful of staff guiding and advising you along the way.

The Selezione experience, including the five wines and snacks, in addition to the dessert section is priced at £26.90 a head. With a full belly, well stocked up on quality wines and food, I can only really shout about how fabulous my first ever Veeno experience was. I’d love to know if you’ve been before and what you enjoyed the most? 

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox 

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