Winter Walk: Ripley Castle Garden


Going for walks in the winter is by far one of my favourite things- I love wrapping up warm and still feeling the chill, getting rosy cheeks, to then finish off at a cute café. A few Saturdays ago, we visited Ripley Castle Garden, just a few miles from Harrogate.1RipleyCastle
The original plan was to visit the castle itself, but as it was closed for the winter, we decided to walk about the garden and deer park, and enjoy the fresh weather (the perfect excuse to wear my La Redoute headband)!

Ripley Castle comes with a lot of history, so we’re definitely looking to head back in the spring to do a guided tour, as well as to revisit the garden when it’s in bloom. For a winter walk, there was so much to see- and we became fascinated with their unusual looking trees, spotting all the squirrels and we made sure we took plenty of pictures along the way. Only half way around the walk, did I notice peculiar faces in some of the trees; tree-like versions of Mr Potato Head.
I’m easily fascinated/entertained/amused… it doesn’t take much at all, (maybe I need to get out more on weekdays) but just going for a walk with Nathan somewhere so pretty made my weekend. The only thing that was really missing was Cuthbert, our baby Russian Blue. With the amount of squirrels we saw, he’d have been in his element, but in honour of our fluffball, I wore my newest cat shorts (may I add that I had no hesitation to buy at all from H&M) which I believe led to the later event of being stalked by a neighbouring cat of the gardens. 1112Half way around the walk is the deer park, surrounding the castle’s ornamental lake and waterfall. You could see the deer grazing by the side, and although I’ve seen plenty before in my life and even the fact we lived next to woods when I was younger, I still find these animals just so brilliant and beautiful.1318The second part of the walk was my favourite though, it had gotten slightly darker, and the path looked as though it was closing in like an enchanted forest. It was really pretty and a tad mysterious. We noticed a really bizarre looking tree, where the twigs grew upwards (to reach for the sun? I don’t know!) I haven’t seen anything like it, but I loved it. 212423We came across the odd few mushrooms, old stone shrines and benches, and plenty of photo opportunities to capture our goofy selves. It’s odd how in a non-weird way, you find of morph into one person, as in you often think and do the same without knowing. These two photos that were taken one after the other. Everyone… meet Nathan, my handsome other half…19And this is me… this is how and why we have been together for four years. 20
Reaching the end of our enchanted forest, we were greeted by an adorable cat who ended up following us right through to the end of the walk, and that goes without saying the endless head scratches he received, and games we played of running back and forth with him. It was very entertaining, and I was very close of whistling him over to our car.26RipleyCastleCat3233
I may or may not have taken a very strong liking to this cat. After a terrible goodbye to the cat, a turning around on the minute to see if our buddy was following us, we popped into the tearoom opposite for a warm drink and a round of traditional scones served the best way possible.3435
Have you been to Ripley Castle before?

Charlotte xox

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