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If there’s one place in town that I love dining at, it’s definitely The Ivy. From its decor to style of service, to menu selection and fabulous presentations, I always look forward to that something special when eating here.If you fancy having a read of our previous review, you can find it here.

We returned last week to check out their outdoor terrace, a lovely new addition to the venue catering for those that may prefer the fresh air (and hopefully sun) as they tuck into their tasty courses.

One of my favourite things about The Ivy, other than its exceptional food, is the experience created by their staff. Treated to the utmost service from start to finish, you are always greeted with a warm smile, engaging conversations and no glass is ever half empty. The word attentive doesn’t even come close to describing just how sharp the team is.

So, what was on The Ivy menu this time?

For starters, we both went for the two opposite extremes. I opted for a light and vibrant crispy duck salad, that was absolutely refreshing to eat. The duck was true to its name, nice and crispy, whilst the salad crunchy and juicy with Asian inspired flavours and garnishes.

Nathan went for a creamy cheese soufflé, and after several weeks of clean eating, it was a well-deserved treat that truly paid off. A very generous, fulfilling, heart-warming cheesy goodness.

With the appetites in full swing after the starters, it was a perfectly timed waiting space for the mains to arrive, just enough time to enjoy more of the wine, chat and spy on people walking by.

 Tempted by a fish dish, it was the blackened cod fillet that caught Nathan’s eye. In a beautifully presented dish, the fish was baked in a banana leaf with a soy marinade and garnish of citrus-pickled fennel, grilled broccoli, chilli, and yuzu mayonnaise. Watching Nathan cut into the fish, it perfectly fell apart into nice chunks.

Nathan enjoyed the dish, with his favourite combination of the fish and yuzu mayonnaise (this was especially delicious), and whilst the concept of the blackened cod was great for visual impact, surprisingly felt that it did not add to the taste.

For my main, I went with something I usually avoid on a menu – breaded chicken. My perception formed from years ago, is that it’s just dry and bland. So, I went against my instinct, and thought if anyone will nail it, it will be The Ivy. Picking the chicken Milanese was certainly not a disappointment.

Brioche-crumbed chicken breast topped with the perfect cooked fried egg (yolk a tad runny of course!) and the most divine parmesan and truffle cream sauce. The dish itself looks clean and pleasant to the eye, and at first instance may look dry. Trust me though when I say that no saucy extras are needed. The truffle sauce is an absolute winner, with enough from start to finish to pull together all the flavours. Throughout lockdown, I have been going through a truffle phase, and this sauce quite literally hit every single possible mark.

And if the truffle sauce obsession wasn’t enough, we also had truffle and parmesan chips with a side of tender stem broccoli and sea salt.

As per usual, the plates had barely a crumb left on them, and the appetites were well and truly fulfilled. With just about enough space for a coffee, we wrapped up the evening with a warm comforting feeling, ready to settle in for the night.

What impresses me each time with The Ivy is the level of service provided here, alongside its colourful menu and fabulous dishes at the price it is. If you are looking for a full three course meal, you could easily enjoy three courses for less than £30 on average, and even with the finer things on the menu such as steak and lobster, you are paying reasonable prices with a luxury service.

The Ivy is a gorgeous city centre location, with that somewhat upper-class feel, perfect for a glammed up get together with the girls or a cute date night for two.

Charlotte xox

PS. I was invited to The Ivy to review in return for an honest review.
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