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We moved into your home almost two years ago now, and we absolutely love it. It’s our sweet little retreat, picket style, with a garden and more than enough space for us, our cat and guests.

What I enjoy most about moving is the final big reveal after you’ve spent days faffing over what goes where, and everything has its new spot. It’s exciting how your belongings can look so fabulous somewhere else, and how your room can give off a different vibe completely.

Growing up into a life in the armed forces, we moved every two years, meaning we always had a change of scenery in terms of location, experiences, and our home too.Nearly 10 years on, I still get itchy feet, and whilst I’m happy to stay put, it’s the rooms that need a switch around, to create that sense of change.

The bedroom has been the latest mini project, where the main change took place on the headboard and wall behind it, and a few extra touches here and there.

Re-using old photo frames

We had some gorgeous pine photo frames that we hadn’t put to use, and tonnes of photos, yet with our room furnishings being white, we decided to give the frames a new lease of life with colour.

Using non-drip white gloss, the frames were given two coats, and left to dry. Going from pine to shiny white, the impact was immediate, but they still didn’t fit in with our room perfectly.

With the walls being white too, keeping the frames completely painted just didn’t look right. So my next step was to use fine sandpaper to bring through a bit of the original pine.

A coastal vibe was what I was ideally hoping to achieve for the frames, by using a really simple tactic of aging the paint. It’s a very simple process of just running the sandpaper over the paint.

The best way to create a natural distressed look is to not overthink where you want to rub the paint, and to vary up the length and hardness of the distress.

The feature item

Sometimes, all it takes is for one stand out accessory to make a room feel new, or to inspire a total makeover. Either way, one new purchase amongst other changes can make one room feel well and truly different.It may be the colour, style or where the focus is drawn to. Our newest addition is a vintage glass dome lamp. Spectacular looking thanks to its gorgeous case, and the intricate detail of the Edison bulb.This lamp oozes class and style, and has become the perfect centre piece not just for our headboard, but room as well. By night, the lamp is in its element – no light pun intended- becoming a work of art.

The filaments glow a fantastic orange, offering the room an extra touch of warmth. From the centre of the room to the outside, the light cascades from amber to the neutral white of the wall.   This delightful feature light is from Dandelion Interiors. It’s not in stock at the moment but I spotted a similar vintage lamp in a jam jar.  

Swap around accessories

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to create a change or a different look in your home, is to just change your accessories around. Think about the items you might have stored away in a box or attic, or even swap items from one room into another.It’s a surprise how this can actually transform a room.  

You might remember when we decorated our guest room, we had some gorgeous shells and trinkets on the chest of drawers. These coastal shells have now shimmied over into our bedroom, onto the headboard, having become the perfect holder for my earrings.So what about you, do you have any easy hacks on how to give your room a change of scenery?

I would love to know your tips and tricks in the comments below.

Charlotte xox

*I was gifted the lamp in return for an honest review. No strings attached 🙂 
    • Eliza
    • September 18, 2017

    I know that struggle so well, coz I’ve been moving a lot. And recently we’ve moved to our new place, so having everything put together is a main goal at the moment. I really love the idea with the frames, this unfinished touch adds that particular vintage vibe. Love every single detail in your room! Everything looks so neat and wonderful!

    Cheers, Eliza |

    • Reply

      Thank you Eliza, that’s so nice of you to say! Moving homes can be so exciting. For us, I always want to buy new items but we have so much stuff, so we’ve started upcycling and giving older items a new lease of life. Are you now fully settled into your home?

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