Preparing for a heavenly Autumn


It feels slightly odd already talking about autumn, as only last weekend was I led out in the garden topping up my tan from our summer holiday in Fuerteventura. As per typical British weather though, we’re back to a sombre in-between of cloudy skies and drizzle. Woop.

But at the same time, I do love a good autumn. Everything just becomes cosier. From fluffy slippers, to the warmer houses, from the spiced lattes and orange coloured everything. I don’t even mind the darker nights, it makes me feel less guilty about being inside all day for work, and then you have the crisp leaves, new autumn aromas for candles and colleagues that will get into the swing of baking. Of course the Great British Bake Off helps too. And who doesn’t love a good baking session in the autumn to cheer up spirits?heavenlysoles13And with any new autumn, comes a few extra pieces for the wardrobe and shoe cupboard. When drawn to collections in gold, bronze, orange, brown and yellow, how can you not resist a new little number? And knitwear. I just love knitwear so much. And what’s great with thicker clothes is there’s no need to hold in that belly full of seasonal deliciousness.

Shoes are one of my biggest collections, I’m an absolute fanatic, a proper collector. When it comes to shoes, there’s nothing quite as classy as a pair of Chelsea boots to see you through the colder nights. Something comfy and chic. Reliable and pretty to style with. heavenlysoles8heavenlysoles9heavenlysoles10These beauties are soft leather boots from Heavenly Soles, with a subtle gold trim wrapped around the heel. I’ve styled it up with my favourite black denim jeans, a white top and the cosiest of wool cardigans. With a cherry pin badge of course. I thought I’d also let the grey woolly jumper make an appearance too.  heavenlysoles5 heavenlysoles4 The shoes are cute to the boot and will be perfect to style out some last chance summer styles before they get hidden away until next year. Autumn is ideal for transitional outfits, you can just add layers to your summer skirts and dresses with woolly jumpers and tights.

heavenlysoles1heavenlysoles6And what really is Autumn the without long forest treks? Woodland walks are one of my all-time favourite things to do in autumn. Seeing the colours of the leaves change, squirrels and birds leaving their nests to find nuts and seeds, and the masses of people that will all have the same great idea to go for a walk. As really, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as stretching your legs for a few hours, out in the wildlife and then returning to the warm for a mulled wine or a stew bubbling away in the slow cooker.

Cuddles on the couch with Cuthbert too makes Autumn the cosiest of times. What do you love about Autumn?

Charlotte xox

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