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Isn’t it fantastic what passion and a love for something can do? Somewhat 24 years ago, Mr and Mrs Patel had a vision to open their own Indian deli, converting what was then a laundrette into their own food bazaar, Prashad.

Prashad today though, although still ran on the same strands of traditional values, recipes and love of vegetarian Indian food, is led by their son instead, Bobby Patel, who has taken the reigns and continues his parents’ ambition.Being the only two-star AA Indian restaurant in Yorkshire, you’ll find them in cooking up a storm in Drighlington, Bradford, where you’ll be hugged by the warming roasted smells of herbs and spices of Prashad’s very own special Garam Masala mix.

Set up over two floors, the ground floor is cosy and intimate with low ceilings, and grand velvet studded furniture. Upstairs are two ideal event rooms set up around large centred tables and plenty of details to appreciate.The main room is bright and colourful, with stunning turquoise furniture and lanterns and a photographic wallpaper showing a busy Indian market, whilst the other is more private, and enclosed, with a wall complete of newspaper clippings from the restaurants’ success.Organised for us, and as a first with the hope to continue, a special event where the art of craft and food are combined, an evening of showcasing and appreciating Indian culture.

The embroidery workshop was led by the lovely Elnaz Yazdani, who introduced us to many a stitch for us to create our own masterpiece inspired by one of Prashad’s famous cookbooks. After a swift hour of embroidering, we were shown into the private dining room where the wall was plastered with news articles and headlines on Prashad and the Patel family. Here we awaited the five-course tasting menu.To begin we were served a Sanku, an open samosa filled with fresh mixed beans. A light and crisp filo filled with a creamy green paste that was filled right to the corner of the cone.

The ingredients of this samosa are dependent on the season and will vary based on fresh produce.Next up was the Kopra Pethis, a deep-fried spiced coconut potato ball, served with a fresh and tangy relish and chutney, balanced well with the earthy flavours.Served as the first main was the Massala Dosa, a potato and onion curry, a broth rich in flavour, with a dollop of coconut sambal.

Placed delicately on top, a rice crepe layered with coconut, becoming the perfect dipper for the well-seasoned broth.One of my personal highlights was the Kofta, a soft vegetable dough ball, and importantly a crispy coating, served with perfectly cooked rice and a shallow bed of curry that provided the kick you’d want.

The two mini sides of naan were fluffy, and again, were ever so necessary to soak up the last traces of curry sauce.Finishing on a sweet note, the dessert was a Gujlawa – baked filo layers, layered with crushed pistachios, almonds and walnuts and served with a raisin and nutmeg ice-cream. Served hot and cold, the combination is divine, comforting and very easy to eat.

The food was delicious, and not one grain of rice was left to be seen. Of course, I enjoy food, yet I what I really love about tasting menus are that they take the decision out of your own hands, most of the time.All dishes on the menu sounded great, and with having favourite Indian dishes already, often I tend to choose my favourites. Exploring food through a tasting menu opens you up to so much more, discovering new flavours, new dishes and quite possibly new favourites.

Prashad offers two main tasting menus, seven and five courses. The five-course option is priced at £39 per head and can also be tailored towards a vegan diet.

What you’ll find here is a proud family run business, a modern take on traditional dishes that still stays true to original flavours and flair.

Charlotte xox

PS. I was invited to review Prashad in return for a complimentary evening. All views are my own.
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