Revisiting and reviewing the Potting Shed in Guiseley


We’re no stranger to the Potting Shed in Guiseley. We’ve been on a few occasions and also have reviewed them when they opened up.

For me, this venue is one of those places where you go for some good atmosphere for a few drinks and a nice bite to eat. It has that vibe of your ‘new modern local’. Prices are decent, it’s vibrant and you know what you get from this place.

Having reopened a few weeks back, we ventured back to see the venue and, as per, tuck into a few dishes. We ordered several nibbles and a few mains to share, all of which were well accompanied by an Aperol spritz and pornstar martinis (yes, plural!)

The menu is simple to navigate, broken up into your usual pub categories. Each with enough variety.Immediately my eyes navigated to the duck pizza. I love duck, and I love pizza. Nathan, on the other hand, thought duck on a pizza was odd, which I can understand, but bread, duck and hoisin is a wonderful combination. This meal was my ultimate favourite, really impressed with the flavour and size, and as for Nathan, he was also really impressed and gave it two thumbs up.The other main we ordered was chunky chips with a mixed lamb and chicken kebab. This one sadly didn’t quite live up to my expectations. The meat was served cold, (that may have been the serving suggestion though) and was slightly chewy, served on a flatbread with salad. It lacked flavours and just simply wasn’t a standout dish for me.We had also tried the chicken Panang curry, which for me was quite similar to the kebab in the sense that it wasn’t well seasoned with spices. It was pleasant enough to eat but again, not a highlight for me.

What did appease to our senses where the sharing bites we devoured. From the cheesy garlic flatbread to the battered chicken goujons, prawn tempura and mac bites, these were perfect sized portions to share around and get a taste for a bit of everything. The prawn tempura and battered chicken were my highlights – crispy coating with real substance to bite into. A big win.As for the hydration, the pornstar martinis were made to perfection each time and tasted fabulous. Yes, I may have had a few, but checking for consistency is very important too, you know.

The Potting Shed is a large venue, with a large seating area. Of course, with the current dining situation and COVID, the venue applied the social distancing rules extremely well with table dividers is set sections and staff respectfully keeping themselves and diners safe.The Potting Shed is no stranger to us, and it was good to see the venue back in action at a healthy flow. The menu is packed with special dining offers that are worth checking out. What you get here is affordable food that tastes good. Personally, the curry dishes are a no-go for me, but living so close to excellent curry houses, it’s hard to compete with authentic Asian cuisines. How I would describe the overall food and visit? Extremely enjoyable with a very hospitable and friendly approach.

Charlotte xox

PS. I was invited to The Potting Shed in Guiseley in return for an honest review of their menu.
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