Rediscovering 3 long-lost gin classics with Portobello Road Gin


As a huge gin lover, who loves exploring gin cocktails, going on an unbeknown journey of exploration and discovery with regards to the spirit, is rather lucrative and exciting.

So, Thursday night, up in Manahatta on Merrion Street, the northern team behind Portobello Road Gin herded up gin-lovers alike, for an intimate event to rediscover some long-lost gin concoctions.

And on a school night? What a little pre-weekend treat, huh?Greeted with a French 75, there could only be one way this evening was going to go – swimmingly.

Before doing our own cocktail exploration, we learnt about the gin itself – where it got its name from, history, ingredients and passion.

Where the name of Portobello Road Gin came from is pretty simple – location. No. 171 Portobello Road is where after nine months of gin-xperimenting occurred before the perfect blend of gin was mastered.

The gin uses nine botanicals all of which are natural which each bottle using around four juniper berries. What was exciting to try were all the classic botanical selections in their raw format – with the liquorice root being by far the most peculiar.One of the things Portobello Road Gin prides itself in, based on having mastered the perfect blend eight years ago, is to have made the perfect spirit for any type of gin cocktail pour – whether it’s a Negroni, G&T, martini, mojito… this spirit will have you covered.

To put the gin to the test, it was time to explore these long-lost cocktails. All of these concoctions are easy to make and simply require a shaker (although stirring would pass too), ice and a glass.


Singapore Sling Recipe

40ml gin

10ml cherry liqueur 

5ml Cointreau

5ml Bénédictine

10ml grenadine

2 drops of Angostura  bitters

25ml lemon juice  


Army and Navy Recipe

50ml navy gin  

20ml lemon juice 

10ml Orgeat syrup


Tuxedo Recipe

25ml gin

Dash of sugar syrup 

10ml French vermouth 

Dash of cherry liqueur and Absinthe 

Several drops of orange bitters


The Army and Navy cocktail was the favourite of the night. The orgeat syrup made this drink a perfect tipple for any marzipan lover. It was a sweet and nutty, refreshing gin punch. Definitely, one that I’ll be recreating at home.

The French 75 will also be a new addition to my favourites, and I can already see this being the perfect welcome drink to any house or BBQ party.

What this rediscovery did prove, was that the Portobello really did work pleasantly well across all drink styles.  Have you already come across any of these lost traditional drinks?

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

PS. Huge thanks to Manahatta and Portobello Road Gin for organising the event. I was invited along to make and shake my own cocktails in return for a review. All words are my own.
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