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You know when you have a really horrible habit, and you just can’t seem to shake it? Well, for me, nail-biting has been my very own biggest bug bear that I’ve since forever not been able to stop.

Horrible, I know. And I hated it so much myself, and I was always so ashamed to dare show my fingers in public. Silly, silly.pastille10There were countless times I tactically kept my hands out of eyesight around people, or made sure they weren’t visible in photos.

Not even those bloody nail-dip things stopped me, and all that I was left with was a bitter taste in my mouth (no pun intended) and minging nails.

And you know, a typical girly date which might involve a visit to the nail bar was just not a thing. It’d be like: ‘oh that’s fine, you go get your nails done and I’ll just cry into my chai latte over how I don’t even have any nails’.

Seriously though, nail bars was just something I’d never consider. It was painful enough having to get the nails out around people let alone have someone up close to paint them.pastille2pastille3Four weeks ago, I went along to celebrate the third birthday of Pastille, the beauty bar which sits within Granary Wharf. I know, what’s a short-nailed monster doing there, but I’ve heard from friends who have previously been that the staff and the work that they do is beautiful.

So off I went, all coy and nervous, and you know what? I was the first to get my nails done. I did it. Totally at ease after a chat with Liv, who worked on my nails, who said they weren’t even that bad. I was sooo relieved.

She tidied up my nails and applied several coats, which at this point made me think how nice this was and how today really should be the day I say ciao to nail biting.pastille11I enjoyed the experience of a pamper far too much. Having a prosecco at hand and so many delicious birthday cakes to eat most certainly helped, but it was nice to have someone take care of your nails for you.

The birthday treats were the most adorable pots of goodness and slices- from Eton Mess to Battenberg, to sprinkled lollipops and Blonde Rocky Roads, Georgina from Sugar Crush Bakes, is the ultimate cake-baking goddess! How pretty are they all? And they were all divine.  pastille-nails-sugar-crush-bakespastille9

With the nail varnish I had applied, I had spotted the perfect matching ring that Christina had put together for her business Sweet Designs. Her jewellery is all coloured or lacquered with the help of nail varnish, meaning that you can have a custom set of jewellery to match your favourite nail varnish.

How awesome is that. So I had to treat myself to a ring of course, to celebrate.pastille14pastille12So here I am today, one month down the line, and I haven’t once had a bite. Say whaaaat?

Yep, they’ve had a solid 31 days of being able to grow and it’s amazing. I’ve been able to paint them, hold a cocktail without being paranoid, but most importantly, already prep for nail designs for the work Christmas party.

I’m thinking cats in Christmas hats or cats with antlers, or even just cats and mince pies. But now I can look forward to this, and stress myself out over how there are far too many nail designs that I really need.

Here’s a big yay to having nice nails.

Lots of Love,

Charlotte xox

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