An evening of astrology with Pandora

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Now then, a little guilty pleasure of mine is astrology, and whilst I might not take each and every word as gospel, I do love the hypothetical and the retrospective of it. Whether I always believe that one certain occasion happens as a result of my star sign or due to my time of birth or life path number? I’m not sure, but I do love tuning in to see what has or could align.

Sometimes, it might be what people need to give them a little guidance or reassurance. I, for one, enjoy reading horoscopes and having an open mind about astrological occurrences and happenings.So earlier in March, I was thrilled to be invited to Pandora’s newest collection launch, their new range is focused all around birthstones and zodiac signs, and as part of the big unveiling celebration, I was able to get a sneak peek at the collection.

Hosted on Greek Street in Lost and Found, the set-up was intimate and cosy, and whilst the range was the main focus, the Pandora team also ensured that food and drink was flowing, and that we had an exclusive reading from their special guest astrologer guest.

As like many of the Pandora products, the charms are well styled and thought out., with careful and considerate designs and final touches. Feminine and chic, the new charms differ based on the zodiac sign in terms of shape and all come with rhinestone gems carefully placed, whilst the birthstone gems sit within a dainty dangling heart charm with your specific meaningful stone colour harnessed in the centre.Going back a complete decade (well that sounds absolutely daunting!), my snake chain Pandora bracelet has been on many adventures and is brimming with charms from various moments and memories. It’s so complete though, that often when I choose to wear it, I need to tactfully swap charms in and out.

Having noticed the open bangle on the launch night, a piece from Pandora’s Moments collection, it was a jewellery that had the chic, minimalistic and feminine style to it, one that can really complement any type of outfit.You can imagine how humbled I was to find out that evening that I would be leaving with one. Attached to my own bangle, was my Aries star sign and my diamond-inspired birthstone charm.

Now that is all left for me to do is see what my astrology reading brings, and really hone into my April birth month – it’s supposed to be a charged and lucky one for me; let’s see.What’s your thoughts and feelings around astrology and zodiac signs? Do you feel that your star sign is aligned to you?

Let me know,

Charlotte xox

PS. Huge thank you to the Pandora team for the invite. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own, and I was gifted jewellery as a thank you for attending.



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