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Happy post Valentine’s Day ladies and gents. And for those of you who celebrated with the gals, I hope you had a marvellous Galentine’s Day too.

I was planning on wishing you all a lovely day earlier on last week but fell ill big time. #OnlyJustRecovering

This year we celebrated our sixth V-Day together *woop woop* meaning that soon, in half a year we’ll have our six year anniversary too. Absolute madness. I’m not entirely sure where time has gone?ChloBo-Valentines6Every year on the big day of lurve, we enjoy a cosy night in with a bottle of wine, steak and dessert. Just the three of us snuggling on the couch, Nathan, Cuthbert, the ultimate chills with my men.

This year we had a pre-celebration the weekend before, and booked ourselves in for a tasty Thai meal in Headingley with friends.

I say a pre-celebration, but it was just another reason to catch up and enjoy a fun night over food and bubbles.

And a night out with friends, only means one thing, plenty of boogying.

The Outfit 

A very good reason indeed to get excited over an outfit, and one that ultimately needed to complement my latest gorgeous rose gold jewellery additions.

A dreamy, delicate puffed heart bracelet from ChloBo and a diamond necklace from Nathan as a V-Day gift.ChloBo-ValentinesChloBo-ValentineI am one lucky lady. Spoilt is certainly one way to describe it.

So accessories, this year, is key for me. I’m a lady of many clothes, and I’ve made an agreement with myself. In 2017, my mission is to wear one item I haven’t worn in ages each new day.

It’s so easy to overlook beauties you bought years ago, so enough is enough, and the time has come to give them all their moment. Hehe.ChloBo-Valentines-11ChloBo-Valentines-12And with the weather perking up a bit recently, choice of clothing for the bottom half was a white faux leather skirt. Slightly daring colour for the winter, but you know what, we all need a reminder that spring is on the way very soon.

This skirt was bought years ago from Glamourous through ASOS, and is just gorgeous. Soft, easy to pair and wash, and is unbelievably comfy.

What I like most about the style and shape of this skirt is that it’s transferable from a lovely evening meal to a cocktail-sipping night out.ChloBo-Outfit-Valentines7 ChloBo-Valentines-10Matched with a black embroidered floral top from Uncut, an exclusive brand that USC once stocked, the outfit is complete. Simple and chic, letting the jewellery be the ultimate show stopper.

This sweet rose gold bracelet has the cutest of pendants attached, with a delicate noodle-ball stretch chain, designed for the perfect fit around the wrist. Feminine and effortless, it’s the perfect hearty touch to my Valentine’s Day outfit.

I love it so much. ChloBo-Valentines5I’d love to know how you like to spend the 14th and if there’s a certain way you like to celebrate? 

Here’s to health, happiness and a lot of love.

Charlotte xox

PS. I was sent the ChloBo bracelet as part of a review. Thoughts and opinions are all completely honest though. Thanks for reading you lovelies. 
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