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This year has completely zoomed by, I mean, where even was April, May, let alone June? A lot of stuff has been going on, and I’ve been particularly busy with the blog, and my new role at work has well and truly kept me on my toes. You know the saying- time flies…

My desk at work has become the fullest it’s ever been with sticky notes, both physical and virtual reminders, whilst my desk at home has enough drawers to hide the organised mess.

It’s been busy, and I’m having so much fun with it all. I’m super happy with life, and I could make a really cheesy list of things that make me happy.

And you know what, there are definitely days where there just aren’t enough hours in the day, or I’ve annoyed myself for binge watching series instead of blogging. Hey ho, we’re humans. We’re not always spot on. And life is good.

As an ode to all the things that have occupied my mind, this post is dedicated to my thoughts and current fascinations.


It’s been busy for Crunch Corner, with reviews ready to go live and opportunities lined up; I’m absolutely thrilled. This is something that, two years ago, I would never have believed.It means being that extra bit more focused after work, making the time to edit photos and write reviews. And whilst there’s the devil’s voice from the left shoulder encouraging me to binge on Netflix instead, there’s the angelic voice from the right, reminding me just how much I enjoy reviewing food.

And even if the devil’s voice is louder and I give in, it’s important to not put yourself under too much pressure. Do things in your time, and don’t feel bad for the decisions you make that affect yourself.

If you’re not feeling, that’s fine, tomorrow is another day.


I’ve recently been trying out the Penclic mouse, a Swedish innovation designed to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury. One thing I didn’t know is that this is one of the most common causes of work-related sick leave.

So, I’ve been using this ergonomic gadget at work, with a lot of interest from colleagues (who also gave the mouse a go), and it’s been interesting.The mouse is ambidextrous, so designed for any user. It’s comfortable to use and hold, and the first few days of testing were entertaining. It led to things being clicked that didn’t need clicking, unexpected printing and the odd closing down of documents.

Familiarising yourself to the shape and buttons is still something I’m adapting to, but I’m excited to see how the coming months will benefit my hand posture.


I love reading, but this year I’ve been dreadfully uncommitted, barely reading half a book.  It also doesn’t help that I’m one of those readers who just can’t give up on a book, regardless how pants it is. I have to finish the book I started, hence why it’s currently taking me half a year to even complete a book.

In two weeks though, I’m away on holiday, which is my ultimate time to enter the fictional world. Next week, it’s my goal to find a new set of books to download, and be fully prepared for two weeks of sun, sea, and stories.


Guys, I really love food, and a desk without a snack just seems like the biggest insult ever. Work should always be rewarded with treats, and especially if that snack is bloody awesome and healthy. I could cry just at the thought of raw chocolate brownies, but the taste, well that’s just a rectangular taste of heaven.Two of my favourites so far have been the ‘Maca Bliss’ packed with maca, cashews and cacao, and the ‘Maple & Peanut’, sweet from the syrup with a crunch from the peanut. They’ve been fabulous bites for after the gym, a new regular addition to my sports bag.

I’ve also been trying out the Pulsin chia seeds for my morning porridge there’s not much to be said apart from why have I never added these to my breakfast before? I also spotted some fun recipes on the Pulsin blog, experimenting with the bars.How amazing does this recipe for chewy chocolate chunk peanut butter fudge squares sound?

Hay fever tablets

Oh sheeeesh. The pollen count has been high. Eyes. Nose. It’s definitely not been a fun or attractive time, that’s for sure.

Not sure it what’s like for you guys, but my hay fever seems to attack round about 7PM, and god forbid I itch those eyes. Until lunchtime the following day, it’ll look as though I fought against Tyson.

It only took me a week to actually realise I need a tablet at night and in the morning as the pollen has been so strong.


In our garden, we have the two largest lavender bushes you’ll ever see. The aroma it gives out is just phenomenal. As I leave the house and brush past it, the most delightful of smells trail behind for a bit.Delish. I’ve started picking a bunch every other week to place around the house. Bringing the outside in.

Not only is the smell relaxing, but the plant is pretty too.  


This pretty little thing was a gift from my bestie. I absolutely love looking at it and seeing it grow. Every day when I investigate if a new leaf has joined the green family, I think of Selina and just smile.

Best friends are important in life, and although mine lives in a different country, I know I can pick up that phone and she’ll be there on the other end of the line. Stars, are what my best friends are. I don’t always see them, but I they are always there. 

Mini macro lens

Oh hello you divine piece of technology. This is my latest purchase that I just cannot get enough of. The iPhone camera is great, but if you want the detail, and I mean detail, this clip on lens is just mind blowing.The other day I used the lens to take a close-up photo of a leaf. The lens not only showed up every bump and groove in the leaf, but also revealed a teeny green bug chilling on it, a little extra that I definitely did no spot with the eye.

Since then, the lens has come out with me everywhere. Zooming in to anything worth magnifying.  The lens is so awesome, Nathan managed to get a brilliant shot of my eye. Fascinating.Oh, and of course on my desk is Cuthbert. He’s the ultimate accessory on the desk. At all times.  

What’s on your desk at the mo? I would love to know, so feel free to pop a comment below. 

Charlotte xox 

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