My lockdown-wear reflection with Femme Luxe


If I think about the past 18 weeks of lockdown and what I’ve been wearing, I feel that I’ve almost come full circle with my outfit choices and excitement for clothes.

In summary, this is what happened:

It went from the usual to it piquing, then it dwindled, lost complete interest, back to some interest, went right into CBA mode, had a buzz for it, loved it and I’ve gone back to the usual now.

The beginning of lockdown

Rewind to mid-March, I was in my usual mode of dressing up. You know usual, where you’d still look forward to picking out an outfit, properly selecting combinations you like and make you feel good. Once you’ve cracked that, there was the fun of matching accessories to the outfit and applying the make-up basics.I’m quite basic, so for me, it’s a tinted moisturiser, a nude lippy, a few brushstrokes of mascara and possibly some blusher.

When we started working from home too, that routine continued. And I still looked forward to it. It was business as usual – I picked out the clothes, even gave them an iron if needed, made an effort with my hair and face.

Even the shoes and matching socks were considered.

Four weeks into lockdown, the realness of how long it was to last just didn’t sink in.

The middle of lockdown 

A few further weeks into lockdown though, the thought of wearing shoes was just meh. Slippers for the win. Warm and cosy!

And I’d be on calls to friends and colleagues, where the topic of loungewear and PJ’s would always crop up saying just how amazing it is to feel so comfy whilst working. Hmmm, sounded lucrative. And then you know how it goes with targeted ads – loungewear everywhere!

Enjoying Femme Luxe in lockdown

Loungewear for professionals, leisure, petite.. you get the gist. I had seen a lot of Femme Luxe on Insta too and started checking out their sets. They looked super cute and at a very reasonable price.

I started to cave. The thought of ironing clothes definitely went out of the window, and then knowing we wouldn’t be meeting friends or heading out massively took the fun away of wanting to make an effort.The idea of being completely comfortable without trouser buttons pinching any skin or tights squeezing the belly was warming to me. Plus the weather had taken a turn. The glorious sun turned to grey skies and the woolly jumpers came back out paired with leggings and fluffy socks.

If loungewear was my new go-to though, I was keen for a few new items.So Femme Luxe entered the picture and hey presto, three loungewear sets later, I’m being complimented on how cute the new outfits are whilst literally feeling like I’m in my pyjamas.

The dream.

And although I’m not needing to actively find a good matching top and bottom as they’re already in sets, I’m genuinely looking forward to wearing an outfit that isn’t my 8-year-old pair of leggings that I’ve had to sew up a few times.

Yet my all-time favourite is, the iron does also not need to make an appearance. You wash these sets and they dry wrinkleless.

For the three sets, I was intrigued to vary the vibes they gave and choose three very different outfit purposes. From extremely chilled and casual, to office material, to a potential out-out outfit.For extremely casual and lounging around days, I felt that the Lexi set would be my go-to; a stretchy casual and lightweight tracksuit in a nice beige colour. It’s easy to wear but one that would be just within my home comforts. The stitching can be a little shady in certain parts but nothing a little extra touch-up can’t do.

My ultimate fave though was the set for life in-between, from office situations to everyday outings. This is the monochrome boxy set in black and white. It’s one of those loungewear pieces that you genuinely have no idea is actually a loungewear set.

My loungewear outfit choice for a possible night out was the frill set – it’s super soft and a beautiful light blue colour. The sleeves and midriff have these beautiful frills which give the outfit that little extra flamboyance, and for me, the top is a winner. The latter half of the outfit thought would not be my preferred outfit choice out of the house – the material is too loose and uncomplimentary. As a pair of leggings though, these are great, and I’d pick an alternative pair of trousers or skirt to match instead.

Currently in lockdown

This last month of lockdown though, having switched jobs, I’ve been feeling the whole ‘getting ready for work’ but the weeks before that, my goodness, my mood to make an effort has been haphazard. On Friday though, I had my first day back in the new office, and I tell you what, the excitement to get ready was through the roof. I picked out my monochrome Femme Lux set – it was perfect. It looked smart, casual and was so easy to wear for a full working day.Getting back to the office is a great feeling, and tomorrow marks day two of getting back to it. I genuinely can’t wait.

What have the past 18 weeks been like for you then? I have my finger’s crossed that I’m not the only one that has been fluctuating!

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

PS. I was gifted the Femme Luxe sets. All views are my own though.
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    Love this, those all look so comfy! But not the kind of comfy you’d be embarrassed to open the front door in them – haha!

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