Wishing you a Meowy Christmas, love Cuthbert


A little while back, I shared the most cutest of pitches with you all on Twitter. It’s one email that to this day in the history of Crunch Corner is THE best email I’ve ever received. I say I, but actually it was Cuthbert.

Cuthbert’s first ever blogger collaboration, and his very first special Meowy Christmas. An email packed with all the best cat puns, to ask our little fluffball if he’d be keen to receive a Christmas surprise to get in the festive spirit.

Keeping our eyes peeled for Postman Pet’s delivery, we’re not kitten when we say that the arrival of the festive package was eagerly anticipated.

Embraced by two arms and four paws, we couldn’t unwrap quick enough to see what’s in store from our Santa Claus. meowychristmas-2 meowychristmas-1 meowychristmas-3Drawn immediately to the parcel, I can only assume that catnip laced the gift, as Cuthbert got stuck in, full body rolls on the box, teeth and claws, it was a big hit with Cuthbert, and that’s just the box alone.

Santa Claws, I mean Claus, over at Monster Pet Supplies was very generous and made sure that the number one priority was cared for. The Catvent Calendar. What really is Christmas, if you can’t build up to it with daily treats?meowychristmas-9 meowychristmas-10And it’s been hilariously exciting opening up Cuthbert’s advent with him, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get his meaty festive treats. Even more entertaining was that Cuthbert had an advent before we even did.

He even received a hideaway tunnel known as Santa’s Trouser, which has been a great device to run to and fro from, scary mom by unexpected leaps out of it. Plus it’s been mighty fun chewing, kissing and slobbering the catnip candy cane. From the set of toys, the candy cane and fabric mouse from The Natural Pet Toy Company, have been his favourite.meowychristmas-4 meowychristmas-6meowychristmas-13meowychristmas-15
In one sniff, both became his favourite toys to play with, kangaroo kick and rub his face on. It’s so cute to see Cuthbert really enjoy a toy, and especially the effect those with catnip have on him. Ears pinned back and a dreamy gaze, you know it’s a good’un.meowychristmas-21This year we’ll be spending Christmas in Germany, meaning Cuthbert has his road trip to Preston, where he’ll be having a luxury week of visiting relatives. For the big ‘ole 25th, he’ll be celebrating big with his human grandma and other loved humans where without a doubt he’ll be spoilt rotten with cuts of meat and king prawns, but this year he’ll be attending with his very own cracker to pull before his meal. A cracker full of treats: turkey, chicken liver and cranberries!meowychristmas-7meowychristmas-5Who wouldn’t want a cracker with tasty treats rather than those traditionally crappy jokes only mulled wine can make better.   

Either way, Christmas is the time for giving, whether it’s your friends, family, pets (of course), colleagues, charities and who ever else you want to give to. Remind those that you might not have spoken to recently, that you still think and care about them. As per, the odd few quirky cards will be posted, and how could I not with this design?meowychristmas-22So, a mahoosive thank you to Monster Pet Supplies* for making Christmas come early to us, with a catnip infused evening of fun, treats and laughter.

Have yourself a Meowy Christmas

Why not have a Meowy Christmas with your little monster with the advent calendar (meaning your fluffball can eat eight treats in one go to catch up), the Christmas cracker, Santa’s trouser cat tunnel, catnip candy cane, musical Robin cat wand, and so many more purrfect festive cat gifts.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

PS. If you fancy more of a read about Cuthbert, we were recently featured as Blogger and Pet of the Month by Monster Pet Supplies.  

*Huge shout-out to Monster Pet Supplies who made Santa Claus arrive early in our home  thanks to PR samples for Cuthbert to get his claws stuck into. All views are completely my own.
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