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If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about being a homeowner, it’s that things take a lot longer than what you expect them to.

You could look here or there, and it’s inevitable noticing corners of your home that need a little repair, in need of decorating or could do with a makeover. In a way, it’s exciting and a constant project, but I’ve also come to terms with the fact that not everything has to be perfect now. Especially with a pooch in the house, meaning general cleaning takes priority.

This November we’ll be in the house for two years. A few rooms in the house still need finalising in terms of looking complete such as the guest rooms and the attic. My all-time favourite room in the house is our dining room. It’s eclectic, filled with random and nonsensical decorations and has a warm and welcome feel to it that accepts guests easily.But the room that I’ve really been looking to perfect for quite some time now has been the master bedroom. And although we’ve always had a nice bedroom it just never felt complete, with accessories not matching and the focus within the room just feeling off.

So we took it upon ourselves to actively make headway in our bedroom and pull everything together to make it feel ‘us’.

DIY bay window seat

First thing’s first, we needed to revamp our bay window. It’s a great, spacious and light space but not well utilised at all. With the shape and lightness to that part of the room, your eyes were automatically drawn to that part, but also due to its shape, we felt limited what do to here.

So we did a little digging and out research gave us a great idea. We needed a bay window seat. Off on our jollies we went searching far and wide for a seating arrangement. We came across love chairs, snuggle chairs and lover seats, we even looked at vintage and modern chaise lounges. We wanted something that could nestle in well into the alcove but either we weren’t keen on the chair shapes, sizes, colours or textures. Clearly, we’re too fussy for our own good.Fortunate for me, Nathan is very handy when it comes to DIY, and after scoping out some homemade bay window seats, we were inspired and Nathan was well prepped with his measuring tape, pen and paper. We drew up our ideal seat with storage points below and then our project was well underway.

With a wooden structure and smart hinge system, we had a frame with drawers built into it (for all my junk as Nathan would say). With custom-made foam, we had one large cushioned seat that now just needed covering.We visited a local haberdashery and had hundreds of colours and patterns to pick from. As our room is made us of mostly white with gold accessories, we were able to commit to a colourful and complex middle-eastern pattern. Something to lift the room up with and really makes the bay window a colourful focal point.  

From this point, we knew the room should have a middle-eastern twang to it, with accessories that have vibrant accents colours in it.

White Ikea furniture

With our room now having several statement pieces, our Ikea chest of drawers and wardrobe were ideal. Simple, and chic, they complemented the other items in the room well. For me, keeping core furniture like this simple really helps with the possibility of bedroom makeovers. They tend to go well with most styles of furniture and you can easily accessories them such as through new handles. We opted to change the wardrobe handles and make them consistent with the handles of the bay window seat drawers. White ceramic with a chrome flower pattern.

Reclaimed wooden bed

So the biggie really was picking a bed for us. Now having the bay window seat, we needed a bed that matched what had imagined in our heads, and also worked well with the colourful seat and white furniture. Challenge accepted. Two things were for sure – we wanted a king-size bed with rustic, reclaimed wood.

I cannot tell you how many shops we visited, and pages we scrolled through. We made a ‘favourite’ list, screenshotted photos of the beds and compare them to the photo of the room. We got friends and family involved picking their favourites. Yes, we took this very seriously.The one bed we came coming back to was the one that now stands grand in our room from Classic Farmhouse Designs. Their furniture is beautiful and they work with reclaimed wood so this style of bed absolutely nailed the brief we were hoping to fulfil.

Thick, chunky, beautiful dark wood, it’s a real work of art.Choosing the four-poster variation really adds a different touch to the bed. It’s impressive with a simple design and a grand impact.

Gold Moroccan mirror

Now having the bed finalised and sleeping like an absolute queen in it, we needed a new mirror, preferably wall-mounted, for the all-important checking-in.

Again, we had a few requirements. With Nathan being tall, we wanted a full-length mirror, that we could preferably have wall mounted. Aesthetically, we wanted one that ideally had a gold frame and preferably with a middle-eastern style.  Our search was rather simple once we figured out what that we needed a Moroccan arched mirror. We headed over to William Wood Mirrors where we quickly narrowed down what we wanted. The effect is exactly what we were after. It’s one of the first things you see coming into the room and really helps piece all the items together keeping the gold accent on the mind. 

Finding the right bedroom artwork

What we’re still to nail, though, is the artwork in the room. I’m still waiting for that ideal piece to come along and give the room that perfect feel.

Over on Zalando Lounge, I came across this ceramic flower artwork which mimics the colours we have in our bay window seat. It lends itself really well above the chest of drawers, far enough away from the seat to not clash in terms of style, but close enough to work as complementary art. When we moved into the house, we had been gifted a beautiful blue vase from one of our friends, which now really shines thanks to the blue in the ceramic design.What we’re still missing, however, is wide landscape print to sit above our bed and again I’ve been toying with so many ideas. I’ve contemplated three individual prints to form a landscape visual, mismatched frames dotted across haphazardly, or one consistent piece. 

Then of course is the debate of what the artwork should be about. I’ve ummed and ahhed at florals, to Moroccan patterns, to cat illustrations and golden sunsets. So right now, this area is open to suggestions, and definitely feel free to send any recommendations your way. I’m all ears.  Apart from that, we now have a room that feels more luxurious and thought out than before. A simple change around by investing a bit of money and time into re-thinking what feels like ‘us’. 

Charlotte xox

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    I love the bed frame and the mirror! The room looks great. Well done guys. Even though the drawers don’t need them, you could even add the same handles on them to tie it in even more with the rest of the theme 🙂

    • Charlotte

      Thank you! Oooo that’s such a good shout actually. We were debating about wrapping them but the handles could be a great solution ❤️

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