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Five years ago, with my first year of uni behind me, getting ready for a night out was as easy as pie. With an outfit in mind, showered and my hair straightened, makeup was always the very last thing I fret about. Living with my best friend, who pretty much knew every MAC product inside out, I had my very own live-in personal makeup artist.

Heavenly. What’s the need for learning how to contour, apply eyeliner or create a smokey eye when your number one gal-dem was an absolutely natural?

Two years later, and I tell you the NEED is real! With the besty off touring America, clueless and artless, there I was left all alone cowering to Nathan with the hope that he can help. From that day on, foundation, mascara and blusher became my only buddies, too terrified to touch anything else.pebblegreymirror2With endless attempts of an eyeliner swoosh, I began to realise the godsend of cotton buds and generally how the annoyance of bad practices really did make more of a perfect look… at least than what it did before.

So, if you’re a bit like me, and love getting glammed for a night out, but prefer to take an easy option instead, or you’re a bit too tight for time, then I hope my makeup rambling can help.

The essentials

A mirror, is clearly essential, unless you are a makeup-superwoman-guru-goddess, then in that case, why aren’t we already the bestest of friends? For the makeup prep on a night out though, a LED mirror makes spotting errors 100 times easier. This vanity mirror offers 3x magnification, so any blemish will not go unnoticed. The mirror face is also adjustable and can tilt back and forth for a different angle and lighting opportunity.

Cotton buds. Whether you’ve sneezed after applying mascara, or that goddam winged eyeliner is just wonky, these are a girl’s best friend. Cotton buds, thank you for making applying makeup so much easier.

Wine. Because wine not.. But if all else fails and your makeup looks crap, have wine and who cares.

So, have you got your makeup and essentials at the ready..?pebblegreymirror4

Primer and foundation

The Maybelline Baby Skin primer is one that I’ve taken a liking to, and one that has been designed to help erase those pores. If only it was that easy? This primer does make a difference though and immediately creates a silky texture to the skin, ready for the next application.

One of my preferred foundations at the moment is Maybelline’s Dream Velvet Foundation, and the shade I opt for is beige as my skin tone is quite olive. This shade and consistency of the foundation blends in really well with the skin as it’s quite mousse-like, making it look natural, as well as covering up any blemishes and spots, which I do have a fair few of at the moment.

I blame the build up to Christmas and the cold as both of these result to more sweets at work!

As of last week I’ve also been trying out Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Foundation. It’s a stickier foundation to that of the Dream Velvet, making the application at first appear more difficult, but actually spread out very well. The foundation sits on the skin awesomely, and feels almost like a very light mask, which may be the reason as to why it lasts longer into the working day. Again, it leaves a stunning finish, slightly shinier too.

Depending on how big your night out is, or how long you’re heading out for, I often mix my foundation with crème for hydration. I do this mostly though for work and leisurely events. Nivea Soft is a brilliant crème to use on your face, and Nathan always pinches it for his after a shave or shower.  


Super straightforward when it comes applying powder, again I use Maybelline, and go for the natural beige, and apply this all over.

An absolute life save though for the newbie is Sleek’s Face Form Contour Kit, which comes prepped with bronzer, blusher and highlighter. A marvellous piece of makeup. I start off with the bronzer and go from below the cheek bone down towards the mouth, followed by the highlighter which sits above that on the cheekbone. As for the blusher, I place a teeny dot in between both the starting points of the other bits and with the brush rub left to right and back, until blended lovely.

If you think it’s a bit too much, you can also go over with the matte powder to calm the contrast down a bit.

I contour on my nose, ever so slightly too, and using the bronzer, shade the sides and highlight the top, giving it a bit more of an edgier shape.pebblegreymirror


My eyelashes, in natural are a good length and volume, which makes applying mascara quite a quick process. When choosing my mascara, I go for brushes that are bristly and thick, which I feel gives my lashes the best volume and density.I’ve been using Colossal Go Extreme by Maybelline, ultimate favourite, and have recently been enjoying Scandal Eyes by Rimmel. With this one, the brush isn’t as thick and therefore needs to dry a bit before applying the extra coats, however in terms of effect, it’s equally as fab.

Sometimes I also add a little highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes to make them stand out a bit more.


In terms of lips I like nude and berry colours, and sometimes combine the two to create an ombré look. In this case I went for Rimmel’s Amethyst Shimmer lippy with a dark nude from L’Oreal.

And that’s it ladies and gents. Easy peasy. With a final look in the mirror and a quick spritz of fixing spray, you are done. Voila. Marvellous. Hopefully you’ve not had to resort to just wine… 

Charlotte xox

    • Gill Cookson
    • December 13, 2016

    Didn’t realise how much I would enjoy reading your Blog Char, funny, informative and refreshingly honest

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