Light Night Leeds 2019: Sneak-peak preview and guide


It’s back again, for the 15th time, Leeds is welcoming back its annual festival which celebrates art and light over two days.

Starting officially tonight and running until tomorrow night, visitors can expect more than 60 different events across the city, both indoors and out, from interactive installations, illuminating performances and dreamlike artwork.

The theme this year is ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’, where the weird and wonderful will be explored from the human body, right through to the senses and the landscapes of our dreams.

Recommended Light Night Leeds experiences:

What: The Lantern Company & Various Artists

Where: The Headrow
When: Thursday, 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Why: This performance marks the official launch of the festival. Performing ‘When Dreams Run Wild’, the parade will be celebrating dreams and their interpretation of it. The various artists kicking off the festival will be the The Northern Rascals, the Spark! LED drummers, El Carramato’s Big Dancers and Picto Facto’s giant Lampadophores.


What: Pleasance

Where: The Tetley

When: Thursday & Friday, 7pm – 11pm

Why: For this first time, Light Night Leeds will be featuring a floor projection. The artwork will be 35 metre long and with a story to tell. Inspired by the development at Aire Park, expect a bright and colourful immersive sensory journey of an urban park.


What: Telekinetic Rumours

Where: Leeds Civic Hall

When: Thursday & Friday, 7:30pm – 11pm

Why: Enjoy several minutes of intrigue and mystery. This surrealistic video footage and animation is projected upon one of my favourite buildings – the Civic Hall. Playing with the structure of the building, the effect of this artwork alongside the sound and music is a smart and immersive dreamlike story.


What: Angels of Freedom

Where: Victoria Gardens

When: Thursday & Friday, 6pm – 11pm

Why: Light up, just like an angel. This installation has welcomed five descended angels into our very own Victoria Gardens. Step into the spotlight, and become one, and enjoy as your newly found wings and halo light up.  Perfect for a photo opportunity.


What: With Love…

Where: Leeds Town Hall

When: Thursday & Friday, 6pm – 11pm

Why: A huge red heart has appeared on the Town Hall steps, it beats, sways and play love songs to you. The artwork has a significant purpose and meaning – taking the pulse of the city and lovers. For those viewing as a couple, step up to the desk, have your collective Beats per Minute measured and turned into song.


What: Voyage

Where: Leeds Dock

When: Thursday & Friday,7pm – 11pm

Why: Come view the interactive floating boat installation which will promise to be a colourful and spectacular light show. On the dock, there will be more than 100 origami boats, all lit up, that you’ll be able to interact with through your smartphone.  

How to interact with the boats:

  1. connect your mobile to the ‘Voyage’ Wi-Fi network
  2. open your browser and go to
  3. look at the choices in order to interact with the artwork


What: Swan Song

Where: St John the Evangelist Church Gardens

When: Thursday & Friday, 6pm – 10pm

Why: Celebrate birdlife and nature as you step into St John’s Churchyard for a symphony. Watch the trees come alive through light, music and bird song.  Inside, you will also be able to enjoy a performance as you listen to the Catalogue of the Birds in the ancient church.

Grab a bite to eat

And if you’re feeling peckish along the way, you’ll be surrounded by bars and shops aplenty. Central to the main hub of events though, near Millenium Square, Assembly Underground is the perfect spot for refreshments. I’m a huge fan of this place and rave about it all the time – if you follow my Insta Stories – you’ll know! Amongst one of my favourite vendors, Slap & Pickle, which do burgers and chips galore, they’ve recently launched a #ByLeedsForLeeds burger series. 

Their fun collaborative theme will see a new burger invention feature on their menu. October’s burger, the #HashtagHashbrown, has been imagined by What Ed Eats, and comes with all the accessories. Double patties, melted EDam cheese (get the Ed reference?), smashed hashbrowns, ranch and BBQ sauce, lettuce and of course pickles. Boom. 

And the verdict… EDquisite, EDjoyable, EDible x 1000. 

All Ed puns aside, the burger was extremely tasty, messy in a brilliant way (unless that just my general eating?) and overall, I love the collaborative monthly Leeds inspired theme. Keeps things fresh.  Plus 20p also goes to charity. 

So, will you be heading out to enjoy the light spectacle this year? To see more of the experience, or join the conversation be sure to use @lightnightleeds, #LightNightLeeds and #ArtintheDark.

Charlotte xox

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