The purrfect morning spent at the Leeds Kitty Café


Attention, attention. Leeds has a cat café. With plenty of cheeky felines. That just want to eat, play and steal your food.

For four years, I’ve been somewhat branded the crazy cat lady (every friendship group has that one, ey?) since having Cuthbert.Last year I heard the great news that Leeds was opening a cat café. Whether this was from the endless Facebook tags I received or private messages telling me about the opening date, I couldn’t tell you.

So yeah, the café was loud and clear on my radar.Even better than it being on the radar, if of course having a date booked in the diary for a much-anticipated visit.

And if there’s any way to live up the cat lady expectations, surely, it’s to start 2018 sitting in a café surrounded by cats drinking a chai latte?

Pencilled in way back when, Sunday 14th January was our day hang out with the coolest cats in town.So, on the morning of, in our quaint home in Horsforth, there was one lady pacing the rooms, debating what the most suitable feline-friendly attire was. It was time to get the glad rags on and swing my way into town.

Key requirements, something cosy and fluffy – the more appealing I may become for cats and the more I may trick them into wanting to cuddle and play. Devious and cunning. As for anything that could become a dangly accessory, it was a definite must wear.This winter, I’ve been obsessing with berry tones, and although I typically opt for dark coloured outerwear, as soon as my eyes fell on this chic berry leather jacket, it was love at first shop. This little number is still my favourite purchase of 2017.

Every year, when it comes to Autumn Winter collections, Next kills it every time, making any visit irresistible not to leave with a new purchase.  Even with the changing seasons, I’m finding this jacket an absolute gem to pair with. Along in the mix, I matched this with the extremely soft and warming cardigan, fluffy and with a long tie to appease the kitty cats with.

Paired with some ripped boyfriend jeans and a pair of floral Dolcis ankle boots (how cute are these by the way?), the outfit was complete, and my date was awaiting me at the cat café.  City centre bound, we were shown to our table, with cats jumping around their ceiling apparatus, snoozing in the wall hammocks and being fussed over by adults and children.

From tiny little fluffers, to the gorgeous resident cats, who had felines of all shapes, colours and sizes. To some that were rather reserved and preferred lounging up high, to others that were more grounded and cheeky, keen to steal the ham from your sandwiches.It was a cat haven, and the everyone man, woman and child had hearts in their eyes.

As part of the café, the cats roaming the area are also part of the rescue centre and looking for a fur-ever home.

The Kitty Café in part brings in rescue cats, nurses them to full health and happiness ahead of becoming the most suitable cat candidates on the search for the perfect family. What a great mission. If you haven’t visited yet, get yourself down there, check out the café and be prepared to have your heart melted.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

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