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Gin never goes out of fashion, right? And recently, it’s been clear that gin is becoming the prominent spirit on the menu, and even better, Yorkshire distilleries are popping up and upping their game.

The gin hype is real. I recently read an article, stating that for the first time in Britain, gin sales have shot past the £1billion mark.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we’re a nation of up and coming gin-lovers, and I guess that’s no surprise really, as exciting mixology has shown us all the extremely delicious side of gin, plus the added health benefits juniper berries bring.

In gin we trust, or so I’m happy to.slingsby-gin2So when you’re *moderately* consuming a refreshingly sweet ‘n’ zesty Garden Of Eden, you’re also somewhat looking after your body too as gin is said to be packed with antioxidants that can help you look younger, plus fight off wrinkles, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

I mean, if you need convincing, or an excuse to cling onto, the Internet will reveal many.


With Faversham’s rebrand earlier on this year, the team have some exciting things coming their way, one to note is their latest collaboration with Slingsby

Teamed up with Yorkshire’s very own gin, both parties offered a marvellous night of gin tasting and food pairing.

That’s my kind of night.slingsby-gin4Food? Drink? Happy to be a ‘GINea pig’ any day!

We started off the classic, and what Slingsby refer to as their signature serve. London Dry Gin, Fever-Tree Tonic Water plus grapefruit and blueberries.

The unusual twist in this next gin cocktail was the dill and peppercorn which worked a dream together with the sweetness of the elderflower liqueur.slingsby-gin1Each cocktail was perfectly suited to the type of canapes brought out. By the time we sipped our third cocktail, the Fig Sbagliato which features the Navy Strength Gin, made an appearance. And an impressive one with that.

This strong stuff, in the 18th century, was stored on Navy vessels to keep sailors healthy (I’m not kidding you!), and was so strong that when spilt over gunpowder it would set alight, hence the name.

At 57%, more of the sage, coriander and rosemary flavour come through than traditionally the floral ones we know. This was combined with fig liqueur, topped with Prosecco and a boozy cherry garnish.slingsby-gin3To bring the night to a sweet finish, the final cocktail was perfect for those of you that prefer the sweeter side of drinks. My kind of cocktails!

This beauty was crafted with Slingsby own rhubarb gin, ginger, lemon juice, prosecco and the very necessary rhubarb bom-bom sweetie. Nom…


Ahhh… Malmaison. This little stunner of a place. So chic and glam, this city-centre venue is a boutique hotel, brasserie and bar, meaning that it basically covers all your very essentials. Food- check. Drink- check. Shelter- check.bonprix-ginSo when the invite landed for a cocktail session courtesy of Bonprix, to celebrate their new range of cocktail dresses, #BonprixOnTheRocks was most definitely on the cards for me.

With gin on the mind and gin on the menu, it was exciting to be learning how to shake a Sassy Sapphire Frocktail and of course taste the final outcome amongst other spirit based drinks.bonprix-gin1bonprix-gin2Simple to make and delicious to the taste, the Sassy Sapphire is harder to pronounce than create. Starting with the Bombay Sapphire, muddled together with the lime juice, mint leaves and sugar syrup, followed by a top up of ginger beer, all served in a tall glass.


On Malmaison’s menu, I had also spied some other delicious gin cocktails, a notable mention for the following: French 75, Vesper Martini and the Clover Club.

All on my next-to-try list with a high priority for the Malmaison Fizz, designed around the Kamm & Sons Ginseng, a secret blend of botanicals similar to gin.


With one third of their drinks menu including gin based drinks, it’s quite apparent that Banyan is a gin haven.

Alongside their 8 various gin cocktails, the menu offers 11 other ‘perfect serves’ for the gin lover, featuring the top of the top in gin distillery. Particularly nice to see is that the 11th option is the seasonal gin, which will vary by season and chosen locally. banyan-ginRecommended by Banyan’s lovely Horsforth staff, Thyme to Relax sounded like a very good suggestion.

This gin concoction included Italian ratafia liqueur, thyme syrup, fresh lemon and cranberry juice. An extremely refreshing and fruity drink, with a subtle hint of almond.

So, when it comes to gin, what are your thoughts, and how do you like to drink your gin?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, gin experiences and recipe suggestions.

Charlotte xox

*I was invited to all three venues for blogging purposes, and my posts for these are still pending. I opted to create a joint gin guide first as I genuinely loved their gin selection, and needed to share these suggestions with you. 

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