Floating Tranquillity at Dragonfly Skin Day Spa


An hour of tranquillity you never knew you really needed.

Introducing Dragonfly Skin Day Spa, a spa and wellness oasis in the city centre. Located in Briggate Central Arcade, it’s a positive do-over and a welcomed retreat that will hopefully have a longstanding service to people looking for a little TLC.

Although relatively new to the scene, the spa already has that flair of extravaganza and indulgences, where you know you’re in good hands from the moment you step in. 

The décor is beautiful, with magnificent teal colourings and greenery, with a truly lavish yet calming and a down to earth feel. From the moment I walked in, to the treatment, to the moment I left, all touch points were perfect, and I was made to feel at ease and truly looked after. 

Booked in for my first ever floatation session, I was intrigued about the process, same day effects and the wellbeing impact of the saltwater therapy. In my own private room, the session is completely independent, where you take full control of your floatation. 

In a pod full of water, concentrated with a lot of Epsom salt (I seem to remember 500KG), at your own time, you enter the floatation tank and let science do its thing. Based on the sheer volume of salt, your body naturally floats without any effort, where the intention is for you to switch off and quite simply do nothing for one hour. And in a scenario where you were to close your eyes and nod off, floating is what you would continue to do.

The end goal is deep relaxation through sensory deprivation, often I feel we could do more of. No TV, no phone, no glare, no noise. Just you, in a dark and quiet pod, floating in water at skin temperature. 

The hour inside went slow, but positively slow. My mind wandered, with thoughts about my day, my week, weekends plans, work, friends, family. And then my mind went still, and occasionally drifted into a thought and back out of it. For the last half hour, my thoughts went very quiet, and I honed into the sense of feeling and hearing the water. It was very soothing.

I shifted into various positions, bobbed side to side, and spent a good 10 minutes of slowing pushing myself back and forth in the pod. As for any tall people reading this, I’m sorry, but you might struggle with that last part.

When the time was up, relaxing music came on and low lighting, to slowly wake you up and bring the treatment to an end. 

After a shower and refreshing drink of water, I felt cleansed, and hydrated, reborn dare I say. My skin had that nice tight feeling you get from salt water, my mind and body was very relaxed, and I was looking forward to catching some ZZZ’s. 

As a first-time user of the floatation tank, I found the experience impressive and very enjoyable, and will be back for repeat sessions every few months or so. 

Alongside the floatation therapy, Dragonfly Skin Day Spa also offers a vast range of massages, scrubs, sculpting and facials, and I’ll be booking myself and Nathan into their massages and founder and therapist, Kristine, already has glowing reviews from competitions she has taken part in. 

So, if you haven’t been yet, and are looking for a little spa and wellness treatment in the city centre, Dragonfly Skin Day Spa is the place to be.

Go on, treat yourself, or a friend or partner, or treat all of you!

Lots of love,


PS. AD/PR – I was invited to review the floatation tank in return for my honest opinion.
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