‘Our Finest Hour’ – Leeds Light’s Newest Escape Hunt


It’s WWII and you’re a team of British secret agents. You have one mission. Dismantle the V weapon.

Simple. You have 60 minutes and a collection of mind-boggling puzzles to work through to complete your mission.

This mission belongs to Leeds’s newest escape room, Escape Hunt’s ‘Our Finest Hour’, where upon arrival, you’ve been given the low down on those measly Nazi double agents that have infiltrated British Intelligence.Your HQ- Somewhere secret in The Light, The Headrow.

And although they’ve been captured, their plans have already been put into practice and there is only one hour to save Britain from the bomb.

We accepted the mission as a group of four, and frantically searched for all the possible clues. The start was tough, and it felt somewhat like as if the first round was never going to be completed. With several prompts thanks to the mysterious telephone in the room, we were on the right track and puzzle by puzzle was one step closer to winning.

We found our flow, with everyone naturally finding their role to play. We solved the clues together, and the most rewarding thing is seeing through the puzzles, making sense of their cryptic messages. The whole hour was just pure entertainment, and I’d love to have been a fly on the wall just seeing how hilarious our first 20 minutes was of pure confusion and determination. We also came up with some solutions that just had us in stitches.

And even with our slow start to the game, we picked up the pace and made it to the very important final room. It was tense. We got to the weapon and we had one final action left to complete. Unsure of the time, but we knew we were close to the one-hour mark, we entered the remaining code to see if we made it in time.

Did we scream? Yes. Were we jumping up and down? Yes. Where we excited to think we may have beat the clock? Yes. Did we know if we had won? No, not at all.

So, the door opened and we were congratulated. We made it. We dismantled the V weapon in 59 minutes and 15 seconds. We had 45 seconds to spare.Now that’s a mission well accomplished.

To celebrate, we had a glass of prosecco, and spent the following 20 minutes laughing at all the different things we did in the room, before continuing our celebrations with more cocktails.  

For me, this has only been my second escape room experience, and the very first to ever complete a mission, and I’ll be checking back in soon for the other themes.Whether you’re looking to compete with your family, friends or colleagues, it’s a brilliantly entertaining way to spend an hour. Completing the mission or not, each puzzle decoded is a mini-win and it’s an hour well spent that really gets the adrenaline pumping.

The lock clicks. The clock ticks.

Have you been to an escape room before? And would you be keen to try one?

Drop me a comment below.

Charlotte xox

PS. Thanks to the Escape Hunt team for inviting us along to review. All views are completely my own. 
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