Celebrating Community Business Weekend in Leeds 


This year, I’m honoured to be an ambassador for Community Business Weekend, a four-day open-door event that celebrates communities in England who are using business to transform their areas for the better.

Having lived in Leeds for nine years, it’s my home away from home back in Germany. I’m a proud Yorkshire lady, who feels extremely rooted in God’s own country.

Leeds is an exciting city with so much to offer. It’s rich in history and culture, from entertainment and food, to its businesses to its friendly local faces, it’s an amazing city and one I’m proud to call home.

What Leeds truly stands for though is innovation and community. A hub that brings and drives people together for the better. A place where positive change happens by its very own people.

This is exactly the mission that Community Business Weekend will celebrate. From Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th May, it’s your chance to get involved and interact with community businesses, to find out the impact they are having on the city, meet like-minded and passionate people, all to support local ventures ran by the community.

Their focus and aim is to tackle some of the largest and most critical societal issues from loneliness, housing and mental health, and the list continues.

In addition to tackling these local issues through their line of work, the weekend is an opportunity for people to learn more about their community businesses and even become valued customers and even volunteers. Profits from community businesses are reinvested back locally meaning every penny you spend in a community business goes a long way to improving the area and the lives of people who live here.

Alone in Leeds, there are around 30 community businesses all striving to make change. Across England, there are 8,000 different types of businesses all of which have been sparked and driven by the community.

For my local Leeds readers who would like to get involved, there are several events organised nearby such as the shared workspace in Headingley, Heart Centre, that will be proving coffee and brunch over a good chat, guided tours and cake at Bramley Baths, or a pay-as-you-feel picnic in Halifax.

In my next blog post, I’ll be talking to the people behind Bramley Baths to share with you how they have been helping their local community, and what exactly their drivers are for making their community business a success.


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So this weekend, whether you’re in your local community or out and about further afield, why not check out what events are on nearby and get stuck in. Your support will be hugely appreciated.

To find out more about the Community Business Weekend, which is supported by the independent charitable trust Power to Change, head over to www.communitybusinessweekend.org where you’ll be able to see what events will be near you.

On social media, you can also use #Cbwkd19 #communitybusinessmatters to see what’s going on.

So, Leeds folk, will I be seeing you at any events? And also, if there’s a community business that you support, I’d love to know in the comments below.


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