Considerations to take before laying vinyl flooring in the home


When it comes to home makeovers, renovations and planning, flooring is such an important part of the room but commonly an overlooked area or an afterthought.

Vinyl flooring is a sought after solution, often chosen based on style choice, and also without realising the further benefits for the home and what can be done to keep the floor looking amazing for years to come.

So if you’ve already picked a floor, no doubt you’re in love with your selection, and if you’re layering yourself then you’ll also love the saving you have made too. For those still looking and choosing, how exciting and good luck. So let’s take a closer look at how it all can playout for the better.

Which room is your target?

It’s only natural that different rooms have different requirements, with some needing more care than others and some requiring a bit more consideration.

We’re currently in the middle of planning our new extension, and although we still have some time to go, we’ve already gotten a strong idea of what we want to achieve. Downstairs will become an open plan space with kitchen, dining and living room becoming one large entertainment area. For me, it’s important to consider flooring that serves the purpose and suits the 3-in-1 room.

So, for rooms like our open kitchen, or a bathroom, for example, it is so important to consider the factor of moisture and opting for choices with 100% waterproof properties. That being said, it’s also important to remember that even with it being waterproof, large amounts of water left unattended will ruin any kind of flooring, vinyl included.

With hallways, the key aspect to take into account is the larger amounts of footfall, as the main corridor between the rooms and levels of the house. This highlights the attention to flooring that is highly durable and long-lasting.

Top tip: By exploring the room environments and needs on top of how it is utilised plays a large part in your vinyl choice.

Considering pets and children

With floor maintenance, children and pets are big contributors to floor damage. The same goes for thing’s prone to scratching the floor such as heels and the moving of furniture, which is fine to do but should be done with precaution. Ideally, you need a vinyl that has the hardest of wear layers and that all-important anti-slip design.

For busy homes with a lot of activity whether that’s from animals, children, parties or visitors, a quality flooring that is durable and resistant to wear and tear is a very wise choice. A brand like Luvanto, for example, creates luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring, a leading brand that is known for its quality, manufactured to be practical, soft and durable to maximum satisfaction and easy to maintain.

In still the majority of our rooms downstairs, we have the original wooden flooring and trust me when I say I speak from experience with pets and flooring. From their manic zoomies to the sheer excitement of new visitors, both Cuthbert and Flo have left their fair share of scratch marks on the floor, by no fault of their own, other than needing to find grip for moments when they’re so excited.

Will it make the room look disjointed?

Unless you plan to redecorate your home in a wildly out-there colour tone, vinyl flooring has many designs that complement interior design choices. Your flooring can also shift tones between rooms whilst still being connected if you want a different vibe without two separate floors.

Laying a floor that transitions seamlessly between rooms provides a healthy balance for the home. You may need to search and sift through many designs that can be perfectly integrated with your current rooms if you are not looking to change one specific look, but isn’t there something empowering in doing so?

For our extensions plans, I’ve already shortlisted Luvanto Endure Pro based on not just the qualities but also market name value. Having never previously needed to invest in flooring, I hadn’t previously heard of Luvanto, yet with further research and seeing for myself, it’s a rather popular and leading brand, with many quality designs that suit the diversity of rooms.

In hopefully not too far down the line, we’ll get to share with you the transformation of our extension. Can’t wait.

Charlotte xox

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