There ain’t no party like a #LRSummerParty


Aren’t mysteries one of the most amazing of surprises? I love a good guess, bit of suspense, unsure of what to expect. When an invite lands via email, and it’s a #LRSummerParty, yet the location is marked as ‘top secret’, then yes, you will have my full attention.

So when La Redoute’s summer partaaay invite revealed that the meeting point was at Leeds Train Station, my mind went off on one. I was thinking of all the swanky places that have opened up nearby.

Even upon arrival of the party destination, I had zero clue as to where we were, and only when entering the building did the large New Craven Hall banner reveal itself. New to the Leeds scene, the industrial, Urban Luxe events space was literally the most perfect of places for La Redoute’s summer shindig.LRSummerParty2LRSummerParty3LR_BloggersEventAug2016_Documentary 33
Hung upon the venue’s exposed brick walls were gorgeous dresses, showcasing the range of materials and details, and in corners of the elegant rooms, where cosy blogger hangout spots.

You could mingle across to chill in their ‘living room corner’ designed around geometric patterns and flamingo cushions, get a hand massage with Molton Brown, or tuck into their sweets section. There was plenty to see and get involved in.LRSummerParty7vnAperol Spritz in hand, I dared venture over to the AW16 dress rail, and as per usual wit La Redoute, everything was beautiful. This is not an untypical trait, as I had the same fascination during their Christmas party, and then again when I ventured over to their site. Be warned ladies, if you’re not particularly looking for any retail therapy, I suggest you don’t head over to their website.

I love lace garments, and one dress just kept sticking out. It was summoning me. So I had to try it on. AND. OH. MY. GOD… it was amazing. You know that feeling when you slip into a number and it’s just the perfect fit? Well this was it.LRSummerParty25
Especially as a petite size, finding a dress what fits perfectly around the bust, as well as the hips and stomach is a godsend. May I introduce to you the “Round Neck Guipure Lace Dress.” The dream.

Comfy and feeling pretty laaaverly, I teamed up with Kat from Kitty & B, who I met on the night (and was wonderful company!) and together we rocked our ‘twinning’ photoshoot. We both fell in love with the dress and had a good laugh posing in front of David, who created the Lookbook for the night.   LRSummerParty14Throughout the night we were served little nibbles of foods from crab puree with kimchi slaw, to beef rendang with sticky rice, and mango curry.

Serious highlight of the night though, was the ice cream van that appeared, and as you can only imagine, every blogger there was in their element, requesting sprinkly cones and whatever-flavoured scoop you wanted. Let’s just say it was a very photographable occasion, and I most definitely had a big smile on my face.LRSummerParty23LRSummerParty9LRSummerParty10The whole event was such a fun night out, a good excuse to natter away to people, make new friends (big shout-out to Rachel El for being awesome, who also vlogged the night away) and seriously put me in a good mood after my post-holiday blues.

I came home with a chic new dress and wonderful gifts that I most definitely took pleasure in, as well as Cuthbert. He loves a good bag we can play around with, and finally take comfort in after far too much cat-bag excitement. LRSummerParty13LRSummerParty18LRSummerPartyLRSummerParty21 LRSummerParty1As per usual with a La Redoute blogger event, it was fantastic and huge thanks to A Forte For Fashion and the rest of the team for pulling together another fab event.

Charlotte xox


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