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March is one of my most favourite months for a number reasons. First and foremost, it means that I’m only four weeks away from celebrating my birthday, and a strong reminder that you should never take life for granted. It’s also a big give-away that spring and Easter are just around the corner (and who can even complain about that?). Two things I appreciate the most this March though, is that now when I’m waking up for work and leaving work, I can actually see daylight, and the very important celebration of International Women’s Day; the pursuit of gender parity.

For a campaign we are running at work, we’ve been filming a video, talking about which women have inspired us the most in our lives. For me, there has always been one woman I have looked up to- my mum. She has shown me how to love, and taught me how to be strong, but most importantly how to enjoy life and feel empowered.4

 International Women’s Day is a huge campaign, and it goes without saying that the Suffragettes had a very large role to play in pushing the right to vote for women. A pivotal moment was the death of Emily Davison at the Epsom Derby in 1933, which reminded key leaders in Britain at the time that these strong and determined women were not going to stop until the right to vote for women was granted.

That being said, horse riding and racing has played a big part in our history, stemming right back to royalty in 1711 when Queen Ann founded the Ascot Races. Ladies Day then came about when midweek races attracted larger crowds as of the result of more ladies coming along. 3 6 5

As per usual, I’m going against the grain with my Ladies Day outfit for the Grand National which is typically a colourful theme, and decided to opt for a sleek black matching outfit with gold accessories. I’m a sucker for black clothes and think it’s a classy colour that is mostly acceptable for any occasion. Should I win the competition though, maybe this is another perfect excuse to head out on another shopping spree. 

The dress I have chosen is black cami overlay dress from ASOS, black court shoes from Marks and Spencer and my all-time favourite jacket from River Island. The clutch bag is from Dorothy Perkins, whilst the fascinator and gold jewellery were little gems I had for quite some time. 7 8 9

I’ve never been to the races before, so the most important thing for me would be to feel comfortable and confident in what I’m wearing, and enjoy what the racing experience had to offer. Most importantly, however, is to embrace who you are as a person… man or woman, and just enjoy all the goodness life has to bring. Life is too short and just love to love. 

Charlotte xxx

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