Private Dining with La Belle Assiette


One dining table, with six cushioned seats. Three large wine glasses aligned perfectly to meet the three glasses opposite, with a cutlery ensemble.

Held together by a silver patterned holder is a white lacy cotton linen blend napkin, and a green succulent centrepiece completes the table.

The candles are lit, the lights dimmed, as one dining table awaits its guests.Six thirty sharp, our family arrives with bottles of wine in hand, and with a warm welcome hug, and our home full, we’re ready to get this dinner party started.

Just shortly after, a knock at the door and our private chef is ready to rumble, because tonight, we are being wined and dined in our very own four walls thanks to La Belle Assiette.Out from the cold and into the warm, our culinary guru, Kian Lian starts with a polite hello and an introduction to himself and the history of his cooking career so far, before making a beeline for the kitchen.

After some final checks that our menu of the night is still a-okay, Kian makes headway in the kitchen as he familiarises himself with our appliances, sets up his equipment and prepares the food for his Persian themed menu.Oh, we’re in for a treat.

In the living room next door, we’re nattering away, playing music and having a right old laugh. The wine’s a flowing, and everyone is in good spirit.Twenty minutes in, and there are some divine aromas creeping through under the door to where we’re all sat.

And without further ado, the first course makes a much-anticipated appearance.


Spiced chicken and pomegranate falafel / sumac emulsion

A canape of dreams. A soft centre with a crispy fried coat- a falafel packed with all the middle eastern flavours you’d want, topped with a dollop of tender chicken stew, perfectly complementing in textures.


Dressed crab / crab jelly / salad shirazi / textures of dill / lavaash croutes

Crab has become one of my newest favourites over the past year. Having tried crab for the first time at the Don Papa Rum event, I’ve become a huge crab-bassador, and this was one of the dishes I was most thrilled about. Light and refreshing, with fragrant hints of dill paired with a Persian cucumber and tomato salad. This was served with an Iranian flatbread.


Spring lamb / apricot purée / pistachio / saffron chickpeas / walnut and barberry soil / dried lime jus

If there’s one dish that could make my mouth water every time, it’s lamb. Spring lamb that’s just so soft it falls apart in the mouth. For this dish, the cut of meat was heated in the water bath, completely tenderised. Plated with a gorgeous fruity apricot puree, saffron chickpeas, and a lime jus, the combination of flavours was a middle eastern dream come true.

One thing to say to that: please sir, I want more!


Dark chocolate & tahini delice / Iranian date purée / yogurt & honey

And finally, the menu came to an end with the dark chocolate and tahini delice. A little delicacy that was light and fluffy, and a depth of rich flavours. Served with a sweet date puree and a yoghurt and honey quenelle, the sweet and tangy acted as the perfect sidekicks for the focus of the plate.After the very last bite, even with an appetite more than satisfied, I didn’t want the night to end and definitely not for the food to stop.

The dinner party, in our own little home, was a perfect night in. Shared with the people we love, with fantastic food for a very intimate and sophisticated get together.

Best of all, we were able to host well and truly, without needing to leave our own party to cook and serve the food. And the best perk of all? being that we didn’t need to clean up and tidy away.

As swift as Kian arrived and served us our dinner, he cleared up, and left into the late hours of the night, with an immaculate kitchen. Did all this culinary magic in our very own home even happen? 

La Belle Assiette made entertaining at home completely seamless and enjoyable. The night was for us to seize, and just appreciate food and quality time with our dearest and nearest.

Am I looking forward to hosting again? Oh yeah. Have I spied on time tasty menus already? You caught me…

And how about you, do you enjoy hosting dinner parties?

Lots of love,
Charlotte xox

*This dining experience with La Belle Assiette was provided in return for an honest and open review about the experience. All food envy and thoughts are completely my own. 

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