King of Desserts, Kaspa’s opens up in Leeds


New to the Leeds food scene is Kaspa’s, a gelato and dessert house that has recently opened in The Core, satisfying those sweet desires one milkshake and crepe at a time.

So, what’s the fuss about? Well, the dining experience starts off with a very flashy 50’s American diner vibe. Neon lights, pink cushioned booths, low-hanging shades and glitzy black walls; Kaspa has brought the US flair to the centre of Leeds.The menu, or the dessert lover’s bible, is lip-smacking, crammed full of niceties from ice cream, to waffles, crepes, milkshakes, and sundaes, and the list doesn’t stop there.

There are hot desserts, cold ones, straight up snacks for those that like it pure and simple, and as for those that like a bit of everything, you can accessorise your dessert to your heart’s content.As a first-timer visiting a dessert bar, our eyes were bigger than our bellies. For some reason, three desserts and two drinks seemed like a reasonable amount after a small tea.

Maybe three was a tad too greedy.

And then we ordered…

To keep the thirst at bay, we were in need of some thirst-quenchers. As American as American can be, we, of course, had to opt for a classic coke float with a scoop of vanilla, and a yoghurty Pina Colada bubble shake with mango juice balls.Go hard or go home, right?

First on the food delights, was the white choco-berry crepe, which came served with a prettiest design made up from the raspberry and white chocolate sauce.

Sweet and fruity, it was a lovely combination and we clearly had no qualms over devouring it. What I was most excited for was the banoffee cookie dough, as for me, you can’t beat warm gooey deliciousness. This well and truly lived up to my expectations.

Squishy and humbling, with a fruity fun layer of banana and toffee sauce. Yuuuuummy!Very last, was the Carame­l Crunch, a stealthy dessert to be served up after the crepe and cookie dough.

A humongous ice cream bonanza, filled with toffee butterscotch and vanilla scoops, whipped cream and caramel sauce. How’s that for a dessert of a dessert?

It was certainly a lot to take in after what we had just consumed, but the ice cream scoops were creamy, and full of flavour, so nothing was left behind. 

Kaspa’s menu is mouth-watering, and I’ll certainly look forward to trying out other variations from some of my favourite desserts. 

Have you been to Kaspa’s before, or is there something that has taken your fancy? I’d love to know in the comments below. 

Sending sweetness your way,

Charlotte xox 

*I was invited to Kaspa’s to review their selection of sweet bites. I happily obliged and have as a result written this honest review of our experiences. 
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