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Oh hey ladies and gents.

August has been a pretty awesome month for blogger events, which I always love as it means meeting more bloggers, finding out about amazing brands, and getting to know Leeds better. Considering I’ve lived here for six years, there’s seriously so many places I haven’t visited or heard of.

At the beginning of the month, I was invited along to Joe Brown’s HQ for their AW16 launch. Their office is seriously cool, let me just say Triumph Motorcycles, drum kits, space hoppers, football tables, and quirky accessories throughout.JoeBrownsc1JoeBrowns16JoeBrowns21If you hadn’t come across Joe Brown’s before, just like myself, their collections are known for their bold colours, bright patterns, and amazing attention to detail. As for their autumn-winter range, their items have a beautiful and elegant eclectic design, with faux fur, tartan patterns and deep warm purples, browns and blues. Dreamy.IMG_5899JoeBrownsc2There were three items that stood out to me and completely stole my heart. The green herringbone waistcoat was chic and fun as it was matched with a white blouse and neck tie. Then their green ‘hunter’ jacket with the faux fur collar that had the quirkiest set of buttons on them – all of which were different. And of course, every lady needs a bloody fantastic leather jacket– and have you seen how lovely the embroidery is? Don’t even get me started on all of the beautiful lining- now this alone is worth a special Joe Browns treat to yourself. JoeBrowns12JoeBrownsc4The shoe collection was quirky and stunning, and their showroom had been decorated in such welcoming feel with a bizarre twist.  From wooden furniture, to vintage suitcases, to animal décor and a painting of Mona Lisa having a smoke. Odd, entertaining and fun.


Haaaaaaaa! @joebrowns office in Leeds is full of awesome tings 🚬 #Leeds #joebrowns #monalisa #interior ##lbloggers #fblogger

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To be fair, their office in general had an energetic vibe to it, with gadgets and gizmos to see in pretty much every corner of the building. From gifts from their suppliers, to fan mail, to personal memories, there was a lot to take in in a comforting way. There were plenty of comments from the other bloggers that were there saying how they already decided that they were moving in.JoeBrowns20JoeBrownsc3We were very fortunate that when we arrived, Simon Brown, the founder so happened to be at the reception. With a very warm welcome, he explained who he was told us about Joe Browns and proudly gave us a quick private peek of his office.

Very open about the ‘memory wall’, Simon pointed out a photograph with leaves stuck in to it- one with a very apparent heart-shape. Simon explained how his family were on holiday and at the same place where the Tsunami hit, and were in the midst of it, right in the middle of the disaster. He found them on holiday after Tsunami happened. Absolutely crazy. And although it was such an emotional experience for Simon to share with us, it was a fascinating story with a happy end fortunately.JoeBrowns2Thinking about it, I feel as though that really sums up the ethos of Joe Browns- beautiful, fun, crazy and delightful. You see the clothes and you know there’s more to it than just fashion. There’s a story, a touch of personality which seems to sweep through their entire company. It was a pleasure to be there, fall in love with their products (how cute is this bracelet by the way?), and come away feeling so enthralled by the evening.   DSC_9586I’d love to know if you’ve ever come across the Joe Browns brand?

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

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